Cool History Garage in Toyota’s massive car theme park warps you back to Japan’s 1960s【Video】

Take a peek into Japan’s past and immerse yourself in the golden age of cars.

If you’re curious about automobiles, then spending a day in Toyota’s sprawling car theme park in Odaiba might be in order. Called the Mega Web, this facility is every car enthusiast’s dream.

Not everyone is a fan of cars however, and the second floor of History Garage — a subsection of Mega Web — lets visitors time travel into the 1960s to appreciate how the streets of Tokyo looked like back then.

▼ Take a trip down memory lane.

Although its retro cars remain the stars of the exhibition, everything from the vintage home appliances to old vinyl records to the rusting signboards help to recreate stunning scenes straight out of a movie set.

With a wealth of items from an long-gone era dotting the expansive space, visitors will find themselves instantly whisked into the past. The place is a treasure trove of fantastic photo spots, made all the better by the fact that entry is free for all.

▼ There are lots of things to do in History Garage,
and this is just one section of Mega Web.

Situated on the same floor is the History Garage Collection, an assortment of classic cars manufactured between the 1950s and 1970s. Classic cars from other countries are also showcased here, including everyone’s favorite DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future.

If collectibles are your kind of thing, you owe it to yourself to stroll down a 30-meter-long corridor filled with model toy cars. Something is bound to catch your eye.

▼ Visitors on the first floor can check out the rally cars
on display in the Motor Sports Heritage section…

▼ …and watch how vintage cars are
restored by mechanics at the Restore Pit.

A cafe offers light refreshments and a place to rest tired feet, while car model store Grease GPS allows customers to bring home a vintage souvenir or two. Once that’s done, why not head over to the Toyota City Showcase section to see what the future holds for us?

With so many things to do in a place located 15 minutes away from Tokyo Station, it’s a fantastic spot to round up a travel itinerary.

Source: Mega Web, YouTube/Mega Web via Japaaan
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Rain transforms Tokyo Disneyland into a kaleidoscope of breathtaking lights【Photos】

Don’t let the dreary weather dampen your day–your dreams will definitely still come true.

Everyone’s experienced the gut-wrenching disappointment of rain ruining their long-awaited vacation plans. While it might be easy to write off such a day as a failure, some recent photos snapped at Tokyo Disneyland prove that life always has a silver lining.

Twitter user @kah05disney, who happens to have an annual passport to the Tokyo Disney Resorts, visited Disneyland last week at night and happened to capture some of the most breathtaking scenery we’ve ever seen, all on her trusty Nikon D750.

▼ “Disneyland’s 35th anniversary celebration on a rainy day. The reflections in the puddles at my feet were exceedingly beautiful.”

The reflections of the buildings and lights on the wet ground make for a truly magical combination at the Magic Kingdom. In fact, dare we say that we hope it rains the next time we venture over?

It’s clear that @kah05disney has a penchant for both photography and Disney, as plenty of her photos illustrate:

▼ Both in the day…

▼ …and at night

▼ What a fun effect!

Incidentally, Tokyo Disneyland celebrated its 35th anniversary this year on April 15, which means visitors can enjoy a special anniversary celebration called “Happiest Celebration!” until March 25, 2019. Mark your calendars and don’t worry if the forecast predicts rain–you just might be in for a rare treat instead.

Source: Twitter/@kah05disney via ITmedia Inc.
Featured image: Twitter/@kah05disney