Ryokuoushoku Shakai flit between light and shadow in their Music Video for “Otona Gokko”

Up-and-coming rock band Ryokuoushoku Shakai will be releasing their first full-length album next month on March 14th.  This self-titled release will include several of the group’s already released tracks, like “Mata ne” and “Hajimari no Uta”, as well as a number of new songs.

The PV for one of these new tracks, titled “Otona Gokko”, was recently uploaded to the band’s Youtube channel.  Directed by DRAWING AND MANUAL’s Kyoutaro Hayashi, this video focuses on the contrast between light and shadow, with the group performing the song within a darkened room.

Read on below to find not only this music video, but also the cover and track list for Ryokuoushoku Shakai’s debut album.

-’Ryokuoushoku Shakai’ Track List-

  1. Re
  2. Hajimari no Uta
  3. Otona Gokko
  4. Kirakira
  5. Alice
  6. Kimi ga Nozomu Sekai
  7. Koitte
  8. regret
  9. Mayonaka Drive
  10. Mata ne

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PikoTaro is back! Releases song about vegetables with the help of Momoiro Clover Z

Comedian PikoTaro is back with a brand new single titled Vegetable.

For this release he joined forces with the now 4 piece girl group Momoiro Clover Z, who is billed as “Momoclo-chan”. After becoming a worldwide sensation using fruits thanks to PPAP, vegetables were the only logical step right?

The simple song has a bit of a funky arrangement, with the lyrics consisting of PikoTaro and the girls continually repeating vegetable names over and over again including tomato, potato, pumpkin, and parsley. Just like the PPAP MV, Vegetable takes place in a stark white room with the song’s lyrics appearing as subtitles. 

Furthermore, the choreography for the song includes easy-to-follow “vegetable” hand gestures/moves intended for all to remember, and to dance together like in PPAP. Piko-Taro’s comment about Vegetable is as follows: “It is a song that has been in the making for a while and is a sibling song to PPAP! And having the opportunity to work with the wonderful Momoclo-chan Z is a dream, so I want people all around the world to sing and dance to this!”

The MV was produced by PikoTaro’s real self, Kosaka Daimou. PikoTaro went on to say, “Well you should focus on the whole video which Mr. Kosaka responsibly edited! It’s simple but apparently he edited each frame very carefully, so please enjoy and watch it over and over again for each detail! Piko!”

Vegetable will be released digitally on March 6th in Japan, with a worldwide release slated for sometime in mid-March. Watch the full MV below!

Yuzu cheer on Japan’s Olympic Team in their Music Video for “Uta Yell”

Just last week we reported that Yuzu‘s latest song, “Uta Yell“, had been picked up as the CM track for insurance brand Nissay’s new Olympic-focused advertising campaign.  In further support of the track’s digital release, the duo have now chosen to make its full PV available on their Youtube channel.

Directed by Tomokazu Yamada, who is known for his work with both Sakanaction and Suiyoubi no Campanella, the music video features all 2018 of Yuzu’s ‘new members’ that were selected from among the Japanese public for this campaign.  This massive chorus follows Yuzu all around Yokohama’s Isezakicho, the video culminating in a sing-along held in a city square.

You’ll find the PV for “Uta Yell” right after the jump.

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androp unveil Studio Live for their New Song “Hanabi”

Earlier this month we reported that rock band androp would be releasing their ninth studio record “cocoon” on March 7th.  In advance of this date, the group have now uploaded a studio live of album track “Hanabi” to their label’s Youtube channel.

This video features the band performing the song while surrounded by a series of warm, inviting lights – a fitting accompaniment for the soothing ballad.  The full version of this live, as well as three others, will be found on the DVD which is paired with the album’s Limited Edition.

You’ll find the available section of Hanabi’s studio live below.

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KEN THE 390 to Release New Album “Refrain”

On February 14, KEN THE 390 will release his new album, “Refrain.” This is his first album since “WEEKEND”, which was released in June 2015. Some of the songs on “Refrain” previously appeared on KEN THE 390’s mini album from last May, “Samidare no Kimi ni”, while others are new. As it goes on, “Refrain” tells a story.

“Refrain” will come in a regular edition and a limited edition, with the limited edition containing a DVD which features live footage and music videos. Some of the music videos on that DVD can be found below, along with more information on KEN THE 390’s new album!

1. Winter Song
2. 夜が来るまで (Yoru ga Kuru Made)
3. Light Up
4. after party feat. HISATOMI
5. 月明かりの下でダンス (Tsukiakari no Moto de Dance)
6. メモリーレーン (Memory Lane)
7. 調子悪い feat. サイプレス上野, DOTAMA (Choushi Warui feat. Cypress Ueno, DOTAMA)
8. 君がいない (Kimi ga Inai)
9. 五月雨の君に feat. 鋼田テフロン (Samidare no Kimi ni feat. Haganeda Teflon)
10. Go Now
11. リフレイン (Refrain)
12. インファイト feat. ERONE, FORK (ICE BAHN), 裂固, Mr.Q (Infight feat. ERONE, FORK (ICE BAHN), Rekko, Mr.Q)

Limited Edition DVD
<#ケンザワンマン2017> (#Kenzawanman 2017)
1. Clap
2. メモリーレーン (Memory Lane)
3. Chase feat. TAKUMA THE GREAT, FORK, ISH-ONE, サイプレス上野 (Chase feat. TAKUMA THE GREAT, FORK, ISH-ONE, Cypress Ueno)
4. ガッデム feat. ERONE (Goddamn feat. ERONE)
5. インファイト feat. ERONE, FORK (ICE BAHN), 裂固, Mr.Q (Infight feat. ERONE, FORK (ICE BAHN), Rekko, Mr.Q)
6. after party
7. 五月雨の君に (Samidare no Kimi n)
8. Rock The House feat. 裂固, EINSHTEIN, じょう (Rock The House feat. Rekko, EINSHTEIN, Jyou)
9. 真っ向勝負 feat. MC☆ニガリ a.k.a 赤い稲妻, KOPERU, CHICO CARLITO (Makko Shobu feat. MC☆Nigari a.k.a Akai Inazuma, KOPERU, CHICO CARLITO)

<ミュージックビデオ> (Music Video)
10. リフレイン (Refrain)
11. Winter song
12. after party
13. 五月雨の君に feat. 鋼田テフロン (Samidare no Kimi ni feat. Haganeda Teflon)
14. インファイト feat. ERONE, FORK (ICE BAHN), 裂固, Mr.Q (Infight feat. ERONE, FORK (ICE BAHN), Rekko, Mr.Q)

Album trailer

Winter Song

after party feat. HISATOMI

Choushi Warui feat. Cypress Ueno, DOTAMA

Samidare no Kimi ni feat. Haganeda Teflon


Infight feat. ERONE, FORK (ICE BAHN), Rekko, Mr.Q

Infight feat. ERONE, FORK (ICE BAHN), Rekko, Mr.Q (Live from #Kenzawanman 2017)


Ling Tosite Sigure to Release First Album in Nearly 5 Years

On February 14, Ling Tosite Sigure will release their new album, “#5.” This is the band’s first album since the release of April 2013’s “i’mperfect.” “#5” will include the band’s single from this past August, “DIE meets HARD.” The album with come in a regular edition and limited edition, with the limited edition featuring a DVD which includes music videos and a radio session.

Ling Tosite Sigure recently released the music video for the second song on “#5”

Limited Edition


Regular Edition


1. Ultra Overcorrection
2. Chocolate Passion
3. Tornado Minority
4. Who’s WhoFO
5. EneMe
6. ten to ten
7. Serial Number Of Turbo
8. DIE meets HARD
9. High Energy Vacuum
10. #5

Limited Edition DVD
1. “Chocolate Passion” Music Video with Making Passion
2. “#5” Music Video
3. DIE HARD RADIO Season 2

Chocolate Passion (PV)

Album trailer


AISHA Is Done with Her Man in “Usotsuki LIAR” PV

AISHA has signed a new record deal! She is now under Universal Music Japan’s Universal D sub-label. The first release under this new deal is the digital single “Usotsuki LIAR”, out February 14. In the song, AISHA calls out her lying boyfriend. The video for the song features AISHA partying with her friend Miyagawa Maya in celebration of the relationship’s end. Check it out below!