Snuggle up to a sexy daikon body pillow in Japan

This cheeky viral radish is waiting to seduce you.

Felissimo’s You+More brand (which takes its name from the word “humour”) specialises in cute and humorous goods designed to bring smiles to customers’ faces. They’ve certainly made us laugh with products like the “Lazing on a Seal’s Stomach Big Cushion Case” and their lineup of adorable bunny bags, and now they’re reaching out to the vegetable kingdom for their latest design inspiration.

The new product being added to their weird and whacky homewares collection is a soft and cuddly pillow, which doesn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary…until you realise that it comes in the shape of a sexy daikon radish.

If you’re unfamiliar with the notion of a seductive daikon, it’s actually a hashtag that pops up on social media when people come across a Japanese white radish that’s shaped as if it’s posing suggestively.

▼ This coquettish daikon appears to be crossing its legs in a come-hither pose.

▼ While this daikon gives off an air of arrogant charm.

Not everyone is lucky enough to find a sultry radish to photograph and share on social media, so the new Sexy Daikon Body Pillow is here to fill that radish-shaped void in everyone’s hearts, with two sizes to choose from.

If you’re watching your portion sizes, the 66-centimetre (26-inch) long mini version will be enough to keep you company.

If you want more daikon for your buck, the larger 115-centimetre version is the perfect size for spooning.

▼ The mini body pillow retails for 3,456 yen (US$32.14)…

▼ While the larger version retails for 7,776 yen.

No matter what size you choose, you’ll never be lonely knowing there’s a sexy radish waiting to greet you when you get home after a long day!

The veggie pillows are currently available to purchase from the company’s official site, with local orders scheduled to be sent out sometime between April and June. International ordering should be available from their global site shortly, where you can also pick up a pair of cat gloves to keep you company too!

Source, images: PR Times

We recall the times when a famous Japanese mascot tried its hand at winter sports 【Video】

Gachapin is, without a doubt, the country’s most badass mascot.

The second consecutive gold medal, won by Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu in the men’s singles figure skating, has earned him some very famous fans. Japan’s skill in the sport isn’t limited to only professionals, however, as even the country’s mascots show they have what it takes to twirl and spin gracefully on ice.

The green dinosaur mascot, Gachapin, who appeared on Fuji TV’s children’s program Hirake! Ponkikki, is a popular character among Japanese kids thanks to its friendly demeanor and sleepy-looking face. He looks really adorable, but kids who watch his past TV programs learn that Gachapin has a soft spot for winter sports.

▼ Ever seen a bucktoothed dinosaur on ice?

Gachapin takes a shot at figure skating in the video, but with deft movements and nimble twists like that, viewers quickly find out that he is more than your average mascot.

▼ A perfect routine eludes Gachapin…

▼ …But he nails it before long, complete with stunning axel jumps and fancy spins.

While we have a nagging suspicion that Gachapin is actually Hanyu in disguise, his skill in skiing proves that the green dinosaur is just really, really good at sports.

▼ Watch this monster race down a snowy slope.

▼ Did we mention that he’ll beat you at snowboarding?

▼ And wakeboarding too?

In fact, he’s so talented that he would bag gold medals in every category in the Mascot Olympics, if such a thing existed. Even though the official mascots for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics have already been announced, Gachapin will always remain as the mascot who can own us in just about everything.

Images: YouTube/Fuji TV Kids
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Cute elementary school Valentine’s Day story makes Japanese Twitter give collective “d’aww”

Crafty kid + smart teacher = happy memory.

Japanese schools can sometimes get a bad rap for not being understanding of students, especially when news stories like teachers forcibly cutting their pupils’ hair hit the Internet.

But that makes it all the more important to share the good stories too. Japanese Twitter user @_h_e_r_o_i_n_ recently posted a Valentine’s Day memory from their elementary school days that racked up over 100,000 likes on Twitter, meaning there were a lot of hearts spread around the virtual space. Here’s what they had to say:

▼ It’s quite short and very sweet (translation below)

“When I was in elementary school, we weren’t allowed to bring Valentine’s Day chocolate to school. But I figured so long as I didn’t get caught it didn’t matter, so I brought some anyway. But then the teacher held an inspection and said, ‘Anybody who brought chocolate, stay in the classroom. Everyone else, out.’ I was so scared. I thought I was going to get in trouble! But then when the other students left, the teacher smiled and said, ‘Okay, now you can put your chocolate in the desk of the person you want to give it to.’ What a happy memory.”

That’s pretty gosh darn cute. In elementary school, there’s nothing worse than having a crush and wanting to give them chocolate on Valentine’s Day, but holding back because you fear being caught and made fun of by your classmates.

Major props to the teacher for being that aware of not only their students’ desires, but also how to go about it in a non-embarrassing way. What could’ve easily been a traumatizing memory of the teacher haranguing them in front of their laughing classmates instead turned into something much nicer.

Here’s how Japanese Twitter reacted:

“I like how the teacher rewards honesty by doing this, if you admit you brought it.”
“I wanted to bring chocolate as a kid but never did. This would’ve been great.”
“After hearing that, I would’ve put the chocolate in the teacher’s desk.”
“But what if you wanted to give it to someone in a different class?”
“And wouldn’t the other kids figure out who did it eventually anyway?”

Hey! This isn’t the time to be pointing out flaws in the teacher’s plan — this is a designated cute zone, only “d’awws” are allowed.

And if you need a bit of a longer stay in the designated cute zone, check out this adorable stamp chart a husband helped his wife make to overcome her short-temperedness and stamp on days she didn’t get mad.

Source: Twitter/@_h_e_r_o_i_n_
Top image: Pakutaso

Poyo! A match made in Dreamland with a giant Kirby and manju cake set

The universe’s cutest Star Warrior, and star of Nintendo games, Kirby uses his Copy Ability to become huggable…that or it’s an adorably soft toy.

Think of the great heroes, the characters who can save the world or universe from the clutches of evil. Blessed with great intelligence, skill and usually a side-helping of muscle upon muscle. Only very rarely is a hero near spherically rotund, huggably soft, and a pastel shade of pink. A niche that Kirby, the eponymous non-human hero of the anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya! and Nintendo games, fills out quite well.

Now you too can own your own Kirby, with a massively impractical 60-centimeter (24-inch) diameter soft toy (three times his real-life size according to Super Smash Bros.) to fill out your room and keep you safe from Night Mare Enterprises. In fact, it is single-handedly the most Kirby we’ve seen in one room since… errr… last year at the Kirby merchandise launch party in Harajuku.

▼ While the Star Warrior may be no Flash Gordon, he’ll save every one of us (in a comically non-threatening manner).

Sitting alongside an admittedly fairly diminutive model, we can see how big Kirby is in soft toy form, as the two join each other for a cake break. Presumably the poor model needed a sit-down and to stock up on some calories after carrying him around, as the toy (from merchandiser Bandai) weighs a hefty 5.5 kilograms (12.1 pounds).

If the prospect of a giant marshmallow-like cuddly toy isn’t quite tempting enough, Bandai have thrown in something else to sweeten the deal, literally, with a set of six scrumptious-looking manju cakes. With the sweet bean-paste filling and two different decorative designs, snaffling them down would soon have us resembling the hero himself.

The new Kirby soft toy and manju cake set went on sale here on the Premium Bandai website (which, bizarrely, suggests that owners be aged 15 or older – is there something the photos aren’t telling us?) on February 8, and has a price tag as big as its waistline; it costs 15,400 yen (US$142).

Whether or not this soft toy ends up taking space in the office alongside our giant panda (the real star of our invisible box challenge video) there’s something else to remember about him. Kirby isn’t just a saviour, he’s a welcome reminder that even puffy-faced, non-threatening pink blobs with an over-fondness for manju and strawberry shortcakes can be heroes, too. That makes me feel better anyway.

Source: Premium Bandai via @Press
Top image: @Press
Insert images: Premium Bandai

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Stray cat in Japanese mountains guides visiting humans out of woods in the dark of night【Video】

Kind-hearted feline proves to be more useful than blank-screen car navigation system.

Cat lovers have a plethora of reasons for their feline fealty. Kitties seem to spend most of their waking moments being cute, entertaining, or simply stylish, so it’s no wonder they earn a space in so many humans’ hearts.

Unless you’re the sort that genuinely appreciates all those gifts of dead birds, though, it’s sort of unusual to see a cat you can describe as helpful. But that’s exactly the sort of cat Japanese Twitter user @zc31s_Monster met while out for a late-night drive in the mountains.

@zc31s_Monster and his pal had decided to do a little off-roading, but being on a dirt path instead of a proper street meant their car navigation system was now useless, as seen at the bottom right of the image below.

But luckily a cat who apparently lives in the surrounding forest was ready to guide them back to the main road.

▼ “This way!”

While cynics might argue that the cat is actually just trying to run away, the leisurely pace at which it scampers down the path, along with the way it pauses and waits for the car to catch up, sure does make it look like it’s leading @zc31s_Monster back to civilization. There’s also the fact that the cat doesn’t make any real effort to escape deeper into the forest, even though it stops twice by the roadside before continuing along the dirt road. “It’s like he’s saying ‘Oh, I thought you were good from here,” theorizes @zc31s_Monster’s friend, “but if you need me to, I’ll show you the rest of the way.”

▼ A second video, showing the rest of the cat’s escort activities

Online comments included:

“I think I’ve fallen in love with this cat. He’s so cute and kind.”
“It’s adorable how the cat keeps making sure the car is still following.”
“Usually cats gat scared and run off when a car drives up, but this one makes sure you can keep up with him as he leads you out of the woods.”
“It looks really dark up in the mountains, so I wonder if the cat was lost too?”
“It probably wasn’t a cat, but a forest spirit in disguise.”

Granted, considering that there’s only one path to follow in the video, @zc31s_Monster admits he could have made it out of the woods without any help. Still, the kind-hearted, four-legged local took the initiative to lend a hand (paw) without being asked, and @zc31s_Monster reports that after the events shown in the video, he made it back to the highway safe and sound.

Source: Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@zc31s_Monster
Insert images: Twitter/@zc31s_Monster (1, 2)

Wife makes chart for husband to stamp on days she doesn’t get mad, his notes to her are too cute

It’s not easy to change yourself, but having a cute chart with heart stamps helps.

All too often we only seem to hear about marriages when they go sour, which is why seeing a happily-married couple having fun together and encouraging each other is always so refreshing.

One recent example that blew up on the Japanese Internet was when Japanese Twitter user @c__i__y__o posted a “stamp chart” that she’d made. She wanted to overcome her short-temperedness, so she asked her husband to give her a stamp on the days when she didn’t get mad, in the hopes of bettering herself. He did, and he also went one step further.

Here’s the original tweet:

“It’s embarrassing, but I’m very short-tempered. I wanted to fix it, so I made this stamp chart and had my husband give me a stamp if I didn’t get upset during that day. The messages he wrote me at the end of the week are so nice and full of love.” 

Good on her for recognizing that she needed to change, and on her husband too for helping her through it too. One of the most important parts of a happy marriage is helping each other become better people, and this is a great example.

Let’s take a look at some of those messages of encouragement her husband wrote:

▼ Here’s the stamps from the first week in January. The stamps are the
kanji for “love” surrounded by a heart. D’aww! (Translation below)

“It was a lot of fun just relaxing and spending winter break together.

Let’s make this year great too. Let’s go lots of fun places, eat lots of good food, and laugh a lot.”

▼ Looks like something happened on Friday the 12th,
but other than that, another successful week!

“I had to go back to work after break, but thanks to your help, it was easy. Every time I eat one of the delicious bento lunches you make me, I feel like I’m not alone, and I’m so thankful to have you. Going to the gym on Sundays, and going to Ginza too, we had a full week. Looking forward to next week.

▼ But then everything was back on track the following week.

(Saturday the 20th’s note)
“You look so cute with your haircut. It looks great on you. My beautiful wife makes me feel so lucky.”

(End-of-the-week note)
“We went to the gym a lot this week, we did well. I’m going to do my best, so let’s work hard together.
Thanks for showing [unnamed] around Tokyo over the weekend. It reminded me of when we went to Shirokane together, and was a fun time. So looking forward to our nice house being built!”

▼ Here’s the final week that was shared online.

“I’m sorry for being so useless on Sunday and making you feel bad.
I love you. You are my pillar, my axle, the foundation of everything I do and think. From here on, I want to do everything I can to make you happy, by paying attention to the small things as we continue our life together.”

While some of the notes may seem a little cheesy or over the top, they were probably a huge help to his wife. When trying to overcome a problem, knowing that someone has your back no matter what, even if it’s just with a fun little note at the end of the week, can make a huge difference.

Best of luck to the two of them! They’re right on their way to being just as cute as the couple who created Pokémon-themed wedding invitations.

Source: Twitter/@c__i__y__o via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Twitter/@c__i__y__o

Japanese Twitter loves adorable cats’ reactions to Monster Hunter: World’s Felyne voices【Videos】

These kitties just can’t figure out where the sounds are coming from!

Monster Hunter, the widely popular video game in which you go on quests to slay monsters and become more and more powerful, has just released its newest edition on January 26, titled Monster Hunter: World. Like its predecessors, Monster Hunter: World allows you to create and customize not only your main character, but also your helpful cat-like assistant, the Felyne. Naturally, you can adjust what it looks like and what it’s wearing, but there are a lot of other cool things to customize, from its movements all the way to its voice.

Adjusting the voice is fun, because it makes lots of different meowing noises and you can choose which one you like best. It’s even more fun if you have cats, because they are going to come running to find out who is making the mysterious cat noises!

“Real felines who appeared when they heard the Felyne’s cries.”

Cats across Japan were drawn to their owners’ TVs by the cries of the Felyne, looking curiously and adorably around for the source.

Japanese netizens were just smitten with these kittens, who couldn’t figure out the exact source of the cries! The poor kitties just could not find the mystery cat, though they looked high and low for it.

When they really couldn’t find it, some turned to their owners with baffled looks:

“My cat came running when it heard the Felyne’s voice. It looked all around the TV, but when it couldn’t find anything he looked at me like he was saying, ‘It’s not there!’”

▼ “I started customizing my Felyne’s voice and my cat came running, then looked at me with this “What the heck???” kind of look. I just can’t stop laughing. The rumors are true!”

For some cats, simply moving the character around was enough to attract their attention.

Even dogs were (adorably) confused!

Apparently the voices of the Felyne were recorded from a real cat that was owned by a staff member at Capcom studios, so it’s no wonder that animals would respond so well to it.

▼ “My dog thought the Felyne was real because of the movements and the voice…he looks like he’s ready to attack! lol”

Japanese netizens loved these poor concerned cats:

“Now I want to buy Monster Hunter: World so that my cats will react that way too!”
“Cats’ responses to the Felyne voices are soo cute!”
“Too cute!”
“Both dogs and cats are curious about it. Cute!!”
“I wonder what the Felynes are saying? I love watching these videos but I hope the meows are not bad words in cat language. It sucks not being able to speak it!”

It just goes to show that there are many reasons to play the new Monster Hunter: World, chief among which are the gorgeous graphics and engaging gameplay, but also the cute responses elicited from your pets. However, since cats and expensive TVs don’t really mix, it might just be better to try other ways to inadvertently cause your pets to do funny things, to ensure that you can make it past the character customization phase.

Source: HachimavKiko
Featured image: Twitter/@misogorikun