【謎】Instagramが新しい動画サービス『IGTV』の提供を開始! 使ってみて感じた「最大の疑問」はこれだ!!

昔のInstagramは良かった。画面や機能がシンプルで、何かと使い勝手が良かったのに……。その魅力をかなぐり捨てるように(?)新しい機能が登場したぞ! 最大60分の動画を投稿できる「IGTV」だ。



このサービスはYouTubeを意識したものと見られる。たしかに動画サービスといえば、何といってもYouTubeだ。YouTuber という言葉も日本で十分に認知されており、最近は子どものなりたい職業のひとつによく挙げられる。

「Instagramer」という言葉はあるが、YouTuber ほどではないし、プロとしてやっていけるのかどうかも不明な状況。ここへきて、動画サービスに力を入れるのはアリなのかも。




















なお、動画はインサイトで再生回数やいいね! の数、コメント数を知ることができるようになっている。




──である。というのも、IGTVの機能はInstagram上でも利用できるので、独立アプリをダウンロードする意味が、私にはちょっとわからない。Instagramだけでよくない? と思ってしまった。


どちらにせよ、『IGTV』がどこまで浸透するのか? 気になるところだ。


Newest virtual YouTuber blows her competition out of the water with high-quality intro【Video】

It’s like watching an awesome CGI movie.

Virtual YouTubers have been appearing at an unprecedented rate on the Japanese Internet, and though few come close to the popularity of Kizuna Ai, some newcomers seem to have the potential to topple the queen.

One such anime girl personality is Flavie. She might be late to the virtual YouTuber party, but this elegant blue-eyed girl has something that many of her peers lack: an extremely high-quality first video.

With a cute protagonist, smooth animation, an idyllic environment, and background music, one might even mistake it for a CGI trailer of an epic role-playing game.

▼ Take a look and see for yourself.

The video starts off with Flavie narrating about herself living in an ultimate utopia, where even the concept of time does not exist. A mysterious bunny-like creature with a ribbon then appears and chastens her for slacking off.

“Please do your job. If you don’t, this world will disappear.”

It seems Flavie is tasked with gleaning information from other worlds in order to maintain this paradise, a job that she constantly shies away from.

“I don’t want to work!”

After a heated exchange, the bunny sends Flavie off to Osaka’s Namba Station. There, she stumbles into a bar and attempts to order the longest Starbucks order possible: Venti double shot hazelnut vanilla almond caramel chocolate chip cream frappuccino with caramel and mocha sauce and extra whipped cream.

▼ Except that the bar wasn’t Starbucks of course.

Although the video ends shortly after that, Japanese netizens were floored by Flavie’s first video:

“An awesome virtual YouTuber has appeared again!”
“The quality is so high and her voice is beautiful.”
“What’s with this quality? It’s terrific! Is she really from another world?”
“Wow! I’ll be rooting for her.”
“Fantastic! I thought I was watching a movie.”

Virtual YouTuber videos tend to be a one-man effort, and if that’s the case for Flavie, it truly is an impressive feat. Between top quality episodes from her and cute virtual idols able to speak fluent English, fans of such personalities have a lot to choose from.

Source: YouTube/VN Flavie via Otapol
Images: YouTube/VN Flavie

Japanese eight-year-old drummer prodigy wows Internet with amazing Led Zeppelin cover【Video】

This elementary schooler is already making headlines as the next Yoshiki.

When news of drumming sensation 17-year-old Senri Kawaguchi surfaced on the Internet a few years ago, we couldn’t believe how such a young girl could be so lightning fast with her hands.

Now, another drumming prodigy by the name of Yoyoka Soma has taken the Internet by storm with a flurry of high-velocity poundings. What’s astounding is that she’s an eight-year-old elementary student who’s already done full covers of Led Zeppelin rock songs while other children are still learning basic mathematics.

▼ Watch Yoyoka’s perfect cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times Bad Times”.

▼ Her face lighting up is the best thing we’ve seen all week.

At the age of two, when children were playing with toys, Yoyoka was already rocking the drums, eventually forming a family band with her parents who were musicians too. With close to a hundred live performances at events under her belt, not to mention a third CD released in May, the future is looking bright for the little drummer.

▼ She also played Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” at seven years old.

Hoping to let the world watch her grow, her parents submitted a video of Yoyoka playing “Good Times Bad Times” to women-only percussion contest Hit Like A Girl, and though she only won a weekly award, the young drummer won over the hearts of countless viewers on Vimeo.

▼ We can’t help but smile along with her.

Her unbridled joy and solid chops caught the attention of music magazine Rolling Stone, BBC, and American entertainment magazine Billboard. So viral was her audition video that it even reached Chad Smith, the drummer of rock band Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

▼ That’s a personal stamp of approval if we ever saw one.

Although there are already a few young drummers out there, it’s Yoyoka’s sunshine smile that makes her truly unique, as watching her happily go at it is such a joy in itself. At the rate she’s going, there’s no telling just how far she can go. Watch out Yoshiki, this little drummer’s hot on your heels!

Source: YouTube/Kaneaiyoyoka, Vimeo via Rolling Stone, BBC, Billboard, Hit Like A Girl
Images: YouTube/Kaneaiyoyoka

Awesome cardboard Darth Vader costume lets you become an eco-friendly Jedi villain【Video】

May the Box be with you.

When Japanese stationery company Showa Note introduced its line of wearable cardboard costumes, their cool-looking samurai armor promised endless fun for kids and adults alike.

But ever since the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on the epic space opera’s 40th anniversary, the company has received numerous requests from fans to expand the existing cardboard series. And with Solo: A Star Wars Story releasing soon in Japan on June 29, Showa Note responded by adding the jet black armor of Darth Vader to its cardboard costume lineup.

▼ Make your very own Jedi villain costume and wield the Force with impunity.

Like all wearable cardboard costume kits created by the company, the Darth Vader getup can be easily assembled straight out of the box without the need for extra tools.

Whether it’s the easy-to-pop-out perforated cardboard parts or the imprinted numbers indicating which things go where, everything about the kit is child-friendly. Even the wave-like edges of the parts cushion impact against skin, reducing the likelihood of children cutting themselves.

Since the Darth Vader costume comes pre-painted, aspiring Jedi Masters can direct all their attention on creating their garb instead of cleaning up messy paint spills. Made from more than 90 percent recycled corrugated cardboard, the armor is both light and easy to handle.

▼ Eco-friendly Darth Vader, ready to go.

Although a Chewbacca cardboard costume seems unlikely for now, C-3PO and his trusty buddy R2-D2 would make awesome additions, not to mention feared bounty hunter Boba Fett.

The Darth Vader cardboard getup costs 3,980 yen (US$36.12) and is scheduled to be released in fall this year, making it a great gift for kids or a fantastic cosplay option when Halloween comes around.

Source: Showa Note, YouTube/Oyakotori via Value Press
Top image: YouTube/Oyakotori
Insert image: Showa Note

Japanese craftsman creates a knife from jelly and a knife from rice: Which one is the sharpest?

White rice goes head to head with jelly in the sharpest blade stakes, but only one can win.

Ever since Japanese YouTuber Attoteki Fushinsha no Kiwami surprised us all with a knife made from dried bonito, the clever craftsman has been honing his skills along with his blades, experimenting with more unconventional materials like pasta, plastic wrap, and even aluminium foil.

Now the YouTuber is back with two new surprising blades, and he’s adding them to a scale of sharpness to show just how great the finished result can be. So let’s get right to it and take a look at how these incredible blades are made, starting first with his knife made from jelly.

The first step in the process here is to melt the small pieces of jelly in a pan on the stove.

After adding a bit of food colouring and gelatin during the heating process, it’s then simmered for three hours, before being poured out onto a flat tray and cooled in the refrigerator overnight. Then it’s time to cut a piece out, using a traced-out image of an ordinary knife, from which point on it starts to resemble the end product.

The jelly hardens after being left to dry overnight, and then the whetstones are brought out to give the jelly a razor-sharp edge. The jelly blade then becomes so sharp that it cuts through paper and easily slices through cucumber.

Attoteki Fushinsha no Kiwami then gets the mad idea to melt his handiwork all over again, reversing the process by pouring the jelly into their original small packs, before setting them in the refrigerator and then serving them up on a plate, proving that the blade is entirely edible!

And the result? It turns out that the jelly knife is surprisingly sharp, ranking in at number three on the craftsman’s list of non-metallic creations.

Now let’s take a look at the making of the plain white rice blade.

In the video, we can see how the craftsman begins by grinding a small cup of uncooked polished rice until it becomes a fine white powder. After adding the powdered rice and a couple of aluminium oxide balls to a glass jar, he creates a homemade mill using a metal frame and two rollers, and then sets about rolling the jar with his hands…for a whopping 40 minutes.

As his hands tire after the long process, Attoteki Fushinsha no Kiwami shows his ingenuity by setting up a drill so that it rolls the jar for him.

▼ The no-hands rolling then continues for an impressive 12 hours.

The next step in the process is to add water and knead it into the powder until it forms a dough-like ball. After that, it’s rolled out and placed into a zip-lock bag which has the shape of a knife drawn onto it, and then it’s cut out and rolled again so that it begins to resemble a knife.

It’s then heated, first with boiling water and then a couple of minutes in the microwave, before being left to dry for two days. Then it’s finally time to sharpen the knife using a series of whetstones until it’s sharp enough to cut through a cucumber and pierce a plastic water bottle.

▼ Transparent, but with a razor edge.

So where does this one rate in terms of sharpness in the non-metallic blade collection? As it turns out, it’s actually the winner out of the two blades we’ve seen today, slightly edging out the competition and pushing the jelly blade into fourth place by taking the third-place spot, just behind the pasta knife, at number two, and the sharpest of them all, the carbon fibre blade, in first place.

So there you have it – not only can you make a knife from rice, but you can make one out of jelly too. All it takes is some simple ingredients, a huge serving of elbow-grease and a bucketful of determination. But once you’ve made your one-of-a-kind knife, nothing is sure to be more satisfying than using it to create a snake cucumber. Watch how it moves!

Source: YouTube/kiwami japan
Top image: YouTube/kiwami japan
Insert images: YouTube/kiwami japan (1, 2)

【はッ!?】あるCM動画の吹き替えがイメージと違い過ぎてビビる / 激しい戦闘シーンで「俺のプリン食うたやろ」






そんな『ブラインドスポット <セカンド・シーズン>』のDVDが6月6日リリースされ、同時に8本のCM動画が一挙に公開された。まずは音声をミュートしたまま映像だけをサッと確認してみたのだが……

ん? んんん!?






超シリアスな映像にこんなセリフを付けるなんて、シュールすぎぃぃぃいいいいいーーーーー!! ていうか、かなり映像とイメージが違うようですが、CMとしてホントにOKなんすか? もしかして何かの間違いじゃないんすか?




Photo:© 2018 Warner Bros. Japan LLC All rights reserved. ,RocketNews24.

「IKEAの椅子」が空を飛ぶ! 翼やプロペラを付けて飛ばしてみたっていう改造動画がスゴい


IKEAの椅子を改造したのは、ラジコン飛行機やドローンなどの動画を多数アップしているYouTubeチャンネル「Flite Test」である。一体どんな改造を施したのか、そしてどのようにして「IKEAの椅子飛行機」は空を飛んだのだろうか。


動画「CHAIRPLANE! We made an IKEA chair fly!」を再生すると、はじめにIKEAの椅子を持った男性・ジョシュが登場。彼がステファンという男性に「6時間後にこの椅子が飛ぶ姿を見たい」と話を持ちかけると、笑いながら引き受ける。オイオイ、軽いな。

ていうか、数時間で椅子を飛ばすのは無茶だろ! とツッコミたくなるところだが、ステファンはどこからともなく大きな翼を持ってきて椅子の座面に乗せ、さらに軽量なフォームボードやテープを使って他のパーツを作り始める。かなり大ざっぱに作っているように見えるが、大丈夫なのだろうか……。


続いて、プロペラ、モーター、タイヤなどを取り付けると、ついに「IKEAの椅子飛行機」が完成! ただ、椅子に翼とかプロペラが付いただけにも見えるので、全くもって飛べる気がしない。もし仮に飛べたとしても空中で大破しそうだ。

──とそんな心配をよそに、いよいよ飛行開始である。動画の7:15あたりから飛行機が助走しはじめ、機体がフワッと宙に浮いたかと思えば……おっ、ちゃんと飛んでる! しかも、飛行がかなり安定しているではないか!! こりゃスゲェェェエエエエエーーーーー!!!