Seiko to release new Ghibli watches, including limited-edition 30th anniversary Totoro watches

Fans of Kiki’s Delivery Service will also want to check these out.

It’s a great time to be a Ghibli fan right now. With the Ghibli amusement park in the works, an adorable Totoro cafe opened in Thailand, and Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki out of retirement, fans have numerous things to look forward to from their favorite animated film studio.

Plus, even with tons of great Ghibli merchandise already available, new Ghibli products are always becoming available. Adult fans of My Neighor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service may especially like the newest line of casual watches from Seiko which feature adorable motifs from these classic animated movies.

This collection of eight watches is from Seiko’s brand for everyday wear, Alba, and are designed to be affordable, stylish watches that fans of Ghibli can wear at any age. Each of the face designs are subtle yet adorable, while the straps and casings of the watches are sleek and chic. They’re designed with women in mind, but of course any Ghibli fan can appreciate their mature homage to these beloved films.

The watches’ faces come in four different designs for each movie, totalling eight unique varieties, and the leather straps come in seven different colors, so hopefully anyone can find a style that they like.

But the faces are not the only Ghibli-specific features: the back of the straps and the stainless steel watch case are also engraved with Totoro and Kiki motifs. Fans can appreciate the quiet nods to the films on every corner of these new watches.

In addition to the eight styles above, two limited-edition My Neighbor Totoro watches are going to be released exclusively to celebrate the movie’s thirtieth anniversary. The face’s design comes in ivory and black, and features a small Totoro peeking over a flower garden and holding a four-leaf clover.

These watches are limited to just 1,000 units in each style and come with a serial number on the back of the case ranging from 0001 to 1000, which verify their authenticity. They’ll also have the words “30th Anniversary” engraved on the back and will come in a cute “30th Anniversary” box, so these are guaranteed to become super collector’s items.

Each of the regular edition watches will be priced at 9,000 yen (US$81.64) and will be on sale from July 7, while the limited edition Totoro watches will retail for 15,000 yen starting from August 4. The company are being coy about where you can get these, making them real collector’s items, and while there’s no word yet of overseas or online sales, visitors to Japan may want to look out for them at Ghibli merchandise shop Donguri Kyowakoku or any store where Seiko watches are sold as soon as they can.

Looking for more Ghibli goods? Totoro collectors will love the limited-edition handmade reproduction cels of the film, which are now available for preorder, and fans of Kiki’s Delivery Service might also like Donguri Kyowakoku’s new line of Kiki perfumes. If you’re a Ghibli fan, it’s almost guaranteed that there’s a product out there for you!

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Shockingly expensive Pokémon watch costs more than most people make in several years

The anime and video game timepiece does look pretty awesome, though.

As an anime franchise gets older, it’s common for some of its associated merchandise to move upmarket. Look at, for example, Sailor Moon, the new merch for which is often premium-priced (though not always), in order to align with the quality expectations and bigger budgets of now-adult fans who feel the fingers of nostalgia prying open their wallets.

So it’s not all that shocking to come across expensive Pokémon stuff. After all, even the kids who were still in elementary school when the anime started airing in 1997 (or 1998 for the English version), are now entering their 30s, and some of them are hitting the peak earning years of lucrative careers.

And so Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome thinks that somewhere out there is a fan willing to spend big bucks on this cool-looking luxury Pokémon watch.

While Pikachu, of course, occupies the center position of the colorful 48-millimeter (1.9-inch) watch face, the designers realize that every Pokémon fan has his or her personal favorite Pocket Monster, and so there are 16 other specimens accompanying the franchise mascot. That’s 17 Pokémon, all on one watch! Oh, and a quick bit of math tells us that each one will essentially cost you a little over 15 grand, since Romain Jerome is asking £200,000 (US$259,511) for the timepiece.

▼ Pikachu used CREDIT CARD!…It’s maxed out!

Officially called the Tourbillon Pokémon, the manufacturer describes it as “The perfect alchemy between a prestigious horological complication and the emblem of the millennials” (for those of you without a dictionary function on your Pokédex, “horological” means “related to the science of measuring time”).

The large required outlay does get you some cool features. The dial is hand-crafted, and the watch has a 60-hour power supply, meaning it’ll still be keeping time long after you’ve drained your smartphone battery playing Pokémon GO. The strap is made from alligator hide (perhaps to appease Feraligatr fans upset about their Pokémon of choice being left off the watch face), with blue and yellow stitching evocative of the colors used in the official Pokémon logo. The oscillating weight is shaped like Pikachu, and even the tourbillon bridge (a component meant to eliminate gravity-induced timekeeping errors) salutes to the star Pokémon with its lightning bolt motif.

Oh, and the watch is also water resistant to a depth of 50 meters (164 feet), which is great news if you like to go swimming or diving with several years’ of an average person’s salary strapped to your wrist.

But while there are some mighty big grown-up Pokémon fans in the world, even Romain Jerome realizes this is a product for only the hardest of the hard-core, and so production of the Tourbillon Pokémon is being limited to just one unit, making it rarer than any in-game Pokémon has ever been.

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Hit anime Your Name inspires fashion line with gorgeous watches, bag, and umbrella 【Photos】


Umbrella includes romantic red string of fate, while the bag has a special secret.

It’s hard to talk about hit anime Your Name without gushing over how beautiful it is to look at. Along with unabashedly emotional storytelling, breathtaking environmental artwork is a hallmark of director Makoto Shinkai’s films, and now the visuals from his latest theatrical feature are inspiring some gorgeous fashion items.



Available from anime fashion label Super Groupies, the first two items are a pair of elegantly colorful watches based on the film’s memorable scene in which a shooting star streaks across the heavens. Both are priced at 14,800 yen (US$130), with a watch face that references the two pieces that break off from the meteorite, while the night sky, as it appears at that moment in the film, is printed on the extra-long band designed to be wrapped around the wrist twice.



▼ Both casings are made from stainless steel, but differently colored.


When it’s time to head out the door, you can carry your stuff in Super Groupies Your Name shoulder bag.


As pictured above, the morning sky of Gifu Prefecture, where female lead Mitsuha lives, can be seen. But this 9,800-yen bag is hiding a secret…


It’s actually reversible, and can be reconfigured to show the nighttime sky of Tokyo, hometown of male lead Taki.


▼ The grip’s leather portion is leather, while the white straps are synthetic leather and the bag body itself polyester.


Finally, if the weather is looking rainy or harshly sunny, Super Groupies also has a Your Name umbrella, priced at 6,800 yen.


Once again, the dual nature of the film’s story is factored into the design. One panel of the umbrella shows a view of the Tokyo skyline, and directly opposite it, you’ll find the mountains of Gifu.


Japanese folklore often describes lovers as being bound by a red string of fate, which figures both thematically and literally into Your Name’s narrative, so you’ll find an appropriately colored cord to tie the umbrella shut when not in use.



All of the items can be ordered directly from Super Groupies (silver watch here, gold watch here, bag here, and umbrella here). Delivery for the bag and umbrella is scheduled for late April, and you’ll have to wait just a little longer, until late May, for the watches to reach your door.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Puzzle wristwatch/pendant will help anime fans keep track of time in style


Eternal rival Seto Kaiba also serves as inspiration for a fashionable anime timepiece of his own.

When the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime first started airing back in the late ‘90s, odds are its fanbase, primarily made up of young kids, didn’t have any more pressing appointments than being stationed in front of their TV when the show’s next episode was starting. However, roughly two decades (and more than 7,600 cards) later, a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh! fans are now adults, with the plethora of professional and social engagements that come with being a grownup.

So to help you keep track of the time and stay on schedule, anime fashion brand Super Groupies, which previously brought us Yu-Gi-Oh! earrings, is releasing a pair of Yu-Gi-Oh! wristwatches, in celebration of the franchise’s 20th anniversary.




The anime influence is most obvious with the Yugi Muto model, styled after protagonist Yugi’s pyramid-like Millennium Puzzle. The gold-plated watch is attached to a leather band, with a special 20th anniversary mark on the back of the face.


If you’re wondering how you’re supposed to see something that’s on the back of the face, the Millennium Puzzle is actually detachable. While you could carry it around in your hand, if you were so inclined, the Yugi Muto watch also comes bundled with a silver-plated chain so that you can wear it as a functional pendant.



For those whose loyalties lie not with Yugi, but instead his rival Seto Kaiba, Super Groupies also has a stainless steel watch bearing the logo of the Kaiba Corporation and also, near the six o’clock marker, the outline of the iconic Blue Eyes White Dragon.

▼ The hour markers are also shaped like the creature’s distinctive eyes.




The 18,000-yen (US$175) Yugi model can be ordered here directly from Super Groupies, while the 12,800-yen Kaiba timepiece is available here. Both are scheduled to ship in late April.

Source: Super Groupies
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Swiss watchmaker releases new limited edition Pokémon watch priced at $20,000


That’s a lot to pay for a time-telling Pikachu.

Luxury watchmaker Romain Jerome recently unveiled its latest high-end timepiece, and despite its eye-popping US$20,000 price tag, this one doesn’t come with any fancy gems or precious jewels. Instead, this one prides itself on a different rarity, in the form of a smiling Pikachu.

Called the RJ X Pokémon, the watch has been created in conjunction with The Pokémon Company International for a limited production run of 20 pieces to mark the 20th anniversary of the popular gaming franchise. Paying tribute to Pokémon‘s well-known star character, Pikachu, the watch features the character, along with his yellow lightning bolt, in hand-painted yellow cold enamel.


The dial, housed inside Romain Jerome’s signature 46-millimetre (1.8-inch) Moon Invader titanium case, comes with a black baseplate displaying the engraved lightning pattern associated with the electric Pokémon, and a vulcanised rubber strap completes the look in a choice of black or bright yellow, to match the character’s signature hue.

While the Geneva-based watchmaking company is renowned for its state-of-the-art craftsmanship and high-end, Swiss-made precision, fans of Pokémon in Japan are yet to be convinced that the product is worth its hefty price tag. Still, it’s not the first time for Romain Jerome to dip their toes into the Japanese gaming market, having collaborated with Nintendo to release an exclusive Super Mario Bros. creation, limited to a production run of 85 pieces as a nod to the game’s 1985 release year.

While the Pikachu watch might be unaffordable for most of us, fans with money to splurge might want to look into the US$2,100 24-karat gold Pikachu card as an alternative investment.

Source: Hachima Kikou
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