Grumpy Man’s Guide to Tokyo Disney: A bitter ex-fan shares his side of the 35th anniversary gala

Can faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust rekindle P.K Sanjun’s love of Disney? Here’s his experience of the 35th anniversary festivities.

If you read our article about Daiichiro Tashiro’s trip to Tokyo Disney Land and Disney Sea, you may have noticed that he wasn’t the only one grooving along with the Three Caballeros in one of the pictures.

▼ At the bottom there is our Disney fanatic Daiichiro, but hang on… zoom in some more…

▼ This is another SoraNews24 reporter entirely!

That’s right, Daiichiro was accompanied by our very own P.K. Sanjun, normally more likely to be spotted roaming the streets to catch Pokémon or finding ways to score deep discounts at the local McDonalds. So why was he here, at one of the officially licensed happiest places on Earth?

“Tashiro invited me, and his eyes were so super-duper puppy-dog sparkly with excitement that I just couldn’t bring myself to say no.”

But why would anyone turn down the chance to turn a reporting gig at Disney in the first place?! Well, it turns out that P.K. has quite the checkered past with old Mickey.

“Actually, when I was a young boy I adored Disney. I was just five years old when the Tokyo Disneyland opened in Chiba, and because I lived so close I would visit it three or four times a year right up until I was a high schooler. I would dread going home so much that I’d screw up my face when I heard “When You Wish Upon A Star” play, because that meant the park was closing. Then I’d think, “I’ll come again!” and would find myself pulled back soon after.”

“But then…I think it was like, 15 years ago now? I went to Tokyo Disneyland again with about ten of my friends, and it was just awful. Just a cacophony, it was way too much for me. I was relieved the second any of the attractions finished.”

▼ P.K., haunted by dissatisfied memories

It was then that he decided he had officially become Too Old For Disney. The star-studded delights that had thrilled him as a child were now too loud, too gaudy and too much effort to put up with. P.K. decided than and there that he was never going to set foot in another Disney park again. No more trips to Tokyo Disney Land, and even the opening of Tokyo Disney Sea in 2001 wasn’t enough to tempt him back.

So when Daiichiro invited him, P.K. tried to convey this tale of disillusionment. Daiichiro, who loves Disney so much he lives in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, where the parks are located, sunnily replied: “Oh, don’t be like that! Let’s just go!”

▼ Could you say no to that face? P.K. sure couldn’t.

And so they went.

As the two men arrived at Maihama Station, P.K. fought back a newfound wave of malaise. How was he going to get through all of this over-the-top Disney cheer? Worse still, Daiichiro seemed to have received a dramatic power-up just from being in vicinity to the Magic Kingdom. He even forced P.K. to go to a souvenir store shortly after they entered the park.

“You can’t just go around dressed like that,” he chided. “Let’s not waste this day out! We’ll get you a new outfit!”

Poor P.K. wandered around the goods store, thinking I don’t want to be here!!! on repeat as Daiichiro advised him to pick out the gaudiest item in the store. “That way you’ll cast out all your embarrassment!”

▼ Shortly before the makeover

▼ …

Looking great!

As you can tell from the image, P.K. wasn’t entirely convinced by his new attire, but Daiichiro convinced him the fetching hat and shades really suited him. Then he gave a pep-talk:

“Welcome to the kingdom of dreams and magic! Today, I’ll be your personal Walt Disney, guiding you through the wonders of Tokyo Disney Sea and Disney Land! Can you feel Tinkerbell’s magic pixie dust settling on your shoulders? You can fly! You can fly! You can flyyyyy~♪!”

How was P.K going to survive a whole day with this guy? He most definitely wasn’t going to call anyone “Walt”, least of all Daiichiro. There was a whole eight hours to go until the park closed… P.K. gritted his teeth. You can fly, he repeated to himself. You can fly.

The first port of call was maritime park Tokyo Disney Sea, which P.K. at least appreciated was more targeted towards adults – you can even drink alcohol here.

Still, it was Disney, so they were bound to spring madcap whimsy on him at some point. He girded himself.

P.K.: “So like, where’s all the dreams and magic you promised?”

: “What? No, it’s Tokyo Disneyland that’s the kingdom of dreams and magic. This is Tokyo Disney Sea. An ocean of adventure and imagination, hidden right in plain sight! Oh, there’s a great example! Look at that statue of Christopher Columbus. Do you know why it’s facing the Italy-themed area, Mediterranean Harbor?”

P.K.: “Uh… Well, Columbus is famous for landing in America, so…”

Daiichiro: “Nicely imagined, sir! Indeed, Columbus arrived in the Americas with the help of Spain, and he even died in Spain. But get this… He was actually Italian!”

P.K.: “So he’s looking out towards his hometown?”

Daiichiro: “Correctamundo! It’s not like he’s just stood there for no reason. They arranged him like that to get your imagination fired up!”

P.K.: “Huh. That’s… kind of nice, I guess.”

The revelations didn’t stop there. P.K.’s critical eye was soon drawn to the mascot of Tokyo Disney Sea, Duffy the Disney Bear. During Daiichiro’s effusive tour spiel about the park, he paused in Cape Cod to mention that it was one of Duffy’s most popular hang-out spots.

P.K: “Duffy, huh. The little bear guy? Why the heck is he so popular, anyway? Mickey and Donald I get, they’re established characters, but you can’t just give a basic teddy bear a name and act like it’s something special.”

Daiichiro: “Wait, excuse me? Sanjun… Did you just say that Duffy is a ‘basic teddy bear?’”

P.K.: “He isn’t?”

Daiichiro: “Duffy is a special teddy bear made by Minnie. She gave it to Mickey so that he wouldn’t be lonely when he traveled out on the sea. Mickey was so delighted with Minnie’s present he hugged Duffy really tight, and do you know what happened then? Mickey’s happiness lit up Duffy’s very face!”

P.K.: “You lost me again.”

Daiichiro: “Take another look at Duffy’s face. Can’t you see Mickey?”

P.K.: “…”


P.K.: “I see it! The white spots on his face make a Mickey Mouse shape!”

Daiichiro: “Right, and it’s not just his face! Each of his paws has that same shape. You see, he’s a very special bear, all packed with love and warm feelings. Imagineering at its finest!”

P.K. hated to admit it, but he was thoroughly impressed by all the foresight and planning the Disney team had put into that little bear. Looking at him again, Duffy even seemed… kind of cute…?

The rest of the tour of Disney Sea was accompanied with more cheerful narrative from our Disney devotee Daiichiro, and P.K. actually found that he was enjoying himself. Trivia or not, the scenic views of Tokyo Disney Sea are nothing to sniff at!

With Tokyo Disney Sea tackled, it was time to head to the kingdom of magic and dreams itself: Tokyo Disneyland. The two gentlemen settled down to watch July’s special show, “Hello, New York!”. When the show finished, P.K. couldn’t help but notice that Daiichiro, who had spent the entire day fizzing and bubbling with Disney cheer, was strangely silent.

P.K.: “Wow, that show was great. They really pulled out all the stops! Where are we headed now?”

Daiichiro: “…”

P.K.: “You okay?”

After a lengthy silence, Daiichiro croaked: “I cried twice.”

P.K. was lost for words. “Hello, New York!” was an overwhelmingly happy story about all the Disney characters having a fun day of tourist delights! What parts were there even to cry about? As he tried desperately to think of when he should have been sobbing, Daiichiro explained: “It was so happy. Happier than I could have imagined… I can’t believe there’s a perfect, happy show like this in the world…”

P.K. looked frantically left and right. Not one of the other guests was weeping! This deep emotional chord was reserved only for a pure-hearted Disney maniac like Daiichiro Tashiro. As Daiichiro wiped his eyes, the conversation naturally turned to other theme park performances the two of them had seen.

Daiichiro: “So how did you feel about the Electrical Parade back in the day, Sanjun?”

P.K.: “Well, it had great music, and a lot of characters showed up… I went nuts about it when I was a kid. I’m a bit worried about what you mean when you ask ‘how did you feel’, though. Did I miss some hidden meaning or character or something?”

Daiichiro: “No, what I mean is… What’s your perspective on it?”

P.K.: “Perspective? Like an economic perspective? When I think of it like that, I guess it costs a ton of money just to power all those lights for one performance -”

Daiichiro: “I always watch the parade… while imagining that Walt is watching down on me from above.”

P.K.: “…what?”

▼ “You know, Walt loved the smiles of his guests more than anything else. So rather than thinking about watching the parade, I think about how happy he would be to see all of us watching and enjoying it. It’s probably selfish to think that, I guess, but before I knew it I was crying…

The other shows, both the dance-themed “Let’s Parti Gras!” and the castle light show “Celebrate! Tokyo Disney” passed in a spectacular blur, and soon the eight hours of Disney delights were finished and done with. And as for P.K.? Even though he had started this trip determined to be anywhere else in the world, he had to admit he’d had a really good time. The constant trivia tidbits definitely helped – he didn’t feel like they’d even scratched the surface of all the plans and stories and fun facts the park had to offer.

The more P.K thought on it, the more he felt like he could appreciate the love and care put into building a park where the guest’s experience is paramount. Every little thing had its justification for being there… Everything sparked the imagination.

“You did good, Walt.”

And hey, turns out those trivia tidbits are really fun. P.K.’s favorite was the one about Splash Mountain – you know that flash at the top? That’s a real person taking your photo! Incredible, right?

So what was P.K.’s final verdict? Is he a born again Disney fanatic?

“I still think I would only really want to go to Disney Land again if I can be accompanied by a true fanatic. Tashiro’s burning enthusiasm melted the ice around my heart, even when I was at my most physically exhausted.”

So what are you waiting for? No matter how burnt out on Disney’s dramatics you are, track down a deeply invested ingenue and you too can experience the park like a carefree grade-schooler once again. And what better time than while all three of those special shows are still running?

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Tokyo Disney Resort’s 35th anniversary show gala sends us on a magical journey【Photos】

Our Japanese-language reporter laughed, danced and was moved to tears by the Disney-standard quality shown off in their new theme park lineup.

It’s summer, and summer brings with it enticing opportunities for vacation time. One of the top vacation spots in all of Japan is Tokyo Disney Resort (which is actually in Chiba), with its twin theme parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea, being particularly notable for seasonal specials that rotate in and out faster than you can snap a cherry blossom KitKat. So what better way to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Tokyo parks than by rolling out a bonanza of new shows and events?

As of July 10, the Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea parks are running a set of special features, including two new shows and a gorgeous light display illumination projected onto the emblematic Cinderella’s castle. SoraNews24 reporter Daiichiro Tashiro is a known Studio Ghibli fan, but it turns out he’s an ardent Disney addict too, and once he heard about the campaign he was up in a flash to grab his tickets and get out there.

So what did the line-up have in store for our intrepid reporter? Well, first of all he had to visit one of the new shows debuting at Disneyland that plays at intermittent times during the day: “Let’s Parti Gras!“, a toe-tapping, foot-stomping dance celebration led by none other than the Three Caballeros themselves.

▼ As you can tell from the punny name, it’s a celebration that draws from New Orleans’ Mardi Gras festival, starring Donald, Panchito Pistoles and José Carioca.

The show was scored with some searing Latin tunes, and Daiichiro couldn’t stop his hips shimmying with wild abandon to the beat. Toss in the cheeky chemistry of fashionable parrot José, passionate rooster Panchito and our ever-naive scamp Donald, and it resulted in a red-hot recipe of rhythm that tempted even the shyest of party people onto the dance floor.

Of course, no party (or should that be Parti Gras?) would be complete without guests, and the Caballeros had those in abundance. A bunch of colorful characters showed up to tear up the floor!

▼ Recognize any of your faves?

▼ Check out the ladies’ transforming dance outfits!

With all this fun exploding around him, Daiichiro had no choice but to bust his own moves!

▼ “My body’s moving on its own!”

Whew! What’s next, after dancing out your heart and soul? Well, Disney Sea has its own anniversary show too – “Hello, New York!“. In this fun performance all your favorite Disney characters take a trip to see the sights and sounds of a fictionalized New York, and Daiichiro was chomping at the bit to join them.

▼ Here’s Goofy meeting a street performer troupe and getting swept up in their acrobatics.

▼ Chip and Dale, being dragged into Daisy and Donald’s tourist snaps

At one point in the show, trickster duo Chip and Dale filled the stage with acorns. This was much to the chagrin of Donald and Daisy, who presumably came here to have a nice vacation and not to dodge chipmunk feed…

Even this moment turned into a great opportunity for fun, when all the stagehands tossed them about the audience for them to catch and throw. Daiichiro lamented that because both his hands were full with his camera, he wasn’t able to catch an acorn for himself. Next time for sure!

Lastly, power couple Mickey and Minnie stepped out to go see a fancy Broadway production. The cuteness of this love-flushed cartoon couple got Daiichiro so emotional he had to wipe his tears away, and when he glanced around at the other reporters it seemed he wasn’t alone. Aww!

▼ The performance reminded Daiichiro of the little things that bring him joy every day, and the 35th anniversary theme song had him blubbing again in no time

You might think that two new shows would be enough to commemorate this auspicious occasion, but this is Disney we’re talking about! Of course they had yet more tricks up their sleeve. Using their popular projection mapping software, they projected a phenomenal light show spectacle onto the walls of Cinderella’s castle for everyone to enjoy.

▼ Our mousy maestro starts the proceedings with pomp

In the light show, titled “Celebrate! Tokyo Disneyland“, Daiichiro watched rapt as Mickey was sucked into a magical reality. Traversing lands both fantastical and adventurous, he relived a variety of key features from the Disney theme parks and was accompanied by dazzling pyrotechnics, sizzling fireworks and dramatic memories from the movies. Daiichiro’s heart was racing a mile a minute by the end of the show.

▼ He travels through some of the most famous parts of the park, including the pirate-plagued Caribbean sea attractions

▼ Classic moments from the films light up Cinderella’s castle

Daiichiro said that the use of real fire definitely rocketed the performance up a notch, and insisted that readers go to check out the memorial shows at their soonest convenience. “You’ll smile from ear to ear, and even after the proceedings are over you’ll be full of glorious unforgettable memories!”

▼ “Please go at least once and experience it for yourself!”

With all these great shows and sights on offer, and the ever-present attractions like the scrumptious food, people-watching for cute cosplayers and a surprising abundance of Pokémon, there’s no better time to head down to Tokyo Disney – whether Disneyland or Disney Sea. Here’s hoping the rumored third park will have similar delights in store for us!

Source, images: ©SoraNews24

Rain transforms Tokyo Disneyland into a kaleidoscope of breathtaking lights【Photos】

Don’t let the dreary weather dampen your day–your dreams will definitely still come true.

Everyone’s experienced the gut-wrenching disappointment of rain ruining their long-awaited vacation plans. While it might be easy to write off such a day as a failure, some recent photos snapped at Tokyo Disneyland prove that life always has a silver lining.

Twitter user @kah05disney, who happens to have an annual passport to the Tokyo Disney Resorts, visited Disneyland last week at night and happened to capture some of the most breathtaking scenery we’ve ever seen, all on her trusty Nikon D750.

▼ “Disneyland’s 35th anniversary celebration on a rainy day. The reflections in the puddles at my feet were exceedingly beautiful.”

The reflections of the buildings and lights on the wet ground make for a truly magical combination at the Magic Kingdom. In fact, dare we say that we hope it rains the next time we venture over?

It’s clear that @kah05disney has a penchant for both photography and Disney, as plenty of her photos illustrate:

▼ Both in the day…

▼ …and at night

▼ What a fun effect!

Incidentally, Tokyo Disneyland celebrated its 35th anniversary this year on April 15, which means visitors can enjoy a special anniversary celebration called “Happiest Celebration!” until March 25, 2019. Mark your calendars and don’t worry if the forecast predicts rain–you just might be in for a rare treat instead.

Source: Twitter/@kah05disney via ITmedia Inc.
Featured image: Twitter/@kah05disney

Man spotted on train near Tokyo Disneyland with sticker saying he gropes women every day

Warning label for other passengers seems to have been secretly slapped on.

Chikan, or train gropers, take advantage of the environmental conditions on Japan’s urban rail lines, copping a feel on targets when they’re distracted from being in a hurry and/or already being in such close proximity to so many other people. But one accused chikan in the Tokyo area looks to have let his own guard down.

On Wednesday morning, Japanese Twitter user @Yammer_1 was on the Musashino Line, which serves the suburbs of Chiba Prefecture that lie east of downtown Tokyo. After getting on the 10:22 train from Nishi Funabashi Station, but before arriving at her destination, Maihama Station (the closest stop to Tokyo Disneyland), @Yammer_1 snapped the following pictures.

Stuck to the back of the man’s sweater is a sticker that reads “Kono hito haimichi chikan shiteimasu,” or “This person is groping people on the train every day.” Sure enough, in the first of the three photos, he can be seen extending his right hand, concealed by the jacket draped over it, towards the posterior of the woman standing next to him.

Some Twitter users speculated this might be a staged attempt at humor, or that maybe the man himself was the victim of a prank. It does seem kind of odd that someone would bother putting a sticker on the back of someone who’s holding a jacket, which he’ll eventually put on and cover up the warning/accusation. However, @Yammer_1 says the man indeed start touching the woman with his hidden hand, and kept it up for an extended period of time. Though @Yammer_1 initially thought the two might be acquaintances, the man and woman exchanged no words that indicated any sort of existing relationship in the 12 minutes @Yammer_1 spent on the train before getting off at Maihama, at which point the man in the photo and the woman next to him remained on the train which continued on towards Tokyo.

Twitter commenters have been nearly unanimous in their denouncement of the man’s actions, but some have also expressed disappointment that whoever wrote the sticker apparently had the courage to stick it on the man’s back, but not to contact the authorities after ostensibly witnessing him repeatedly grope women on the train. Similarly, more than one commenter encouraged @Yammer_1 to submit her photos to the police, since if the man is traveling on the same line frequently enough to have the sticker’s author recognize him, it stands to reason that investigators should be able to track him down. One commenter even suggested that had @Yammer_1 recorded video instead of taking still shots, an even stronger case could be built against the man, like what happened when a man in Tokyo was arrested after being filmed taking illicit upskirt videos.

Meanwhile, this is a good time to remember that unfortunately not all chikan come with visible warning labels, so it’s always a smart idea to stay aware of your surroundings when riding the rails.

Source: Twitter/@Yammer_1 via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@Yammer_1

Tokyo’s most famous landmarks are even more beautiful after heaviest snowfall in years【Photos】

Sensoji Temple, the Ghibli Museum, and Tokyo Disneyland are always worth a visit, but especially on snowy days like this.

I’m always baffled when I’m flipping through an English-language travel guide and come across a passage that refers to Tokyo as “ugly.” To me, Japan’s capital is one of the most visually compelling cities on the planet, thanks to how deeply traditional and fancifully modern architecture are often both pressed into the same sight lines.

And while I’d call Tokyo a beautiful city on any day, it takes on a special ethereal character when the snow piles up, as it did this Monday thanks to the area’s heaviest snowfall in years.

As we’ve seen before, a blanket of snow can give a setting a timeless quality. With the surrounding contemporary skyline obscured by the foggy night, the Asakusa neighborhood’s Sensoji Temple looks much like it must have to pilgrims and visitors generations ago.

Elsewhere, Kanda Shrine’s orange paint provided a dazzling contrast with the white snow, as did the neon signage of the bustling Shibuya and Shinjuku skyscrapers.

While it may have lost its status as Tokyo’s tallest structure to the Skytree, 332.9-meter (1,092-foot) Tokyo Tower remains a beacon that’s visible from many parts of the city, and its glow tinged the icy mist on Monday night.

A few years ago, Tokyo Station was renovated, winding back the clock on its appearance to more closely match its original, 1914 design. Much like with Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, the snow heightened the retro atmosphere.

Tokyo tends to go all out with its Christmas light displays, with neighborhoods seemingly trying to one-up each other. Most of them come down shortly after Christmas Eve, but a few places are proud enough to leave them up all winter long, as seen in these shots from Toyosu, on the east edge of downtown.

Meanwhile, the Ghibli Museum (soon to screen the latest anime from famed director Hayao Miyazaki), looked frostily festive even in the afternoon.

▼ Are you cold, rooftop Laputa robot?

Going from one mecca for animation lovers to another, Tokyo Disneyland may not actually be over the border in Chiba Prefecture, but with weather patterns pretty much identical to Tokyo, it was also transformed into a winter wonderland, even if Alice doesn’t make an appearance in these photos.

▼ It’s too bad that rumored Frozen expansion isn’t finished yet.

Things were equally snowy out in the suburbs, and even non-shutterbugs found themselves enjoying the snow, like these two brothers from Tokyo’s residential Setagaya Ward who saved themselves a trip to the ski slopes by snowboarding on a regular sloping street near their home.

And if you’re the sort of person who thinks all this looks beautiful, but hates being out in the cold, just remember…

…if that adorable little kitty can handle the weather, you can too.

Featured image: Twitter/@onotch_x

Universal Studios Japan staff help celebrate visitor’s birthday with disappearing spray art

The impermanence of the animated character artwork is what makes it extra special.

Theme parks like Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios are huge in Japan, not only in terms of size but also with their following. People eagerly travel from all around the country to visit these character-filled amusement parks, and with many making their first visit at a young age, fond childhood memories keep them coming back again for more year after year.

One of the many things that visitors love about these theme parks is the level of attention given to even the smallest of details. Recently, people have been raving about the Mickey-shaped egg yolks and soap foam found at Tokyo Disneyland, and now a new discovery, this time at Universal Studios Japan, is currently melting hearts and going viral online.

This short video, posted by Twitter user , shows a unique service at Universal Studios that’s aimed at surprising guests, particularly those celebrating birthdays with a visit to the park. Unsuspecting visitors can find themselves being the recipient of a beautiful message from staff workers who use nothing but a spray bottle filled with water to create amazing works of art.

Take a look at the clip here:

This ingenious way of making visitors feel special brought a smile to everyone’s faces online, quickly racking up over 400,000 likes in just a couple of days, and receiving comments like:

“This is wonderful!”
“They really know how to make people happy!”
“It would be great if all the staff could do this for every visitor!”
“This is fantastic spray art!”
“The sad thing about this is that it disappears! They should do it on a card somehow so visitors can take it home!”

Once this video appeared online, other Twitter users were quick to share their own photos and videos of similar art by theme park workers at USJ. This one shows a staff member creating an image of Snoopy for a crowd of adoring fans.

▼ And here he brings a couple of Minions to life.

The Minion birthday message appears again, along with some of the cast from Sesame Street wishing visitors a Merry Christmas.

▼ A Minion welcomes visitors to the park.

▼ Minions are one of the most popular choices for the sidewalk spray art.

It turns out it’s not just visitors to USJ who are being treated to these beautiful displays. At Tokyo Disneyland, a staff worker provides some commentary and adds some crowd participation to the mix while creating an image with a broom and a bucket of water.

With so many people chancing upon these impermanent artworks while they’re being made, you might be able to stumble upon one during your next visit to USJ or Tokyo Disneyland too. Here’s hoping they decide to add some more characters to their repertoire, especially at USJ where their Cool Japan collaboration includes series like Final Fantasy and Sailor Moon!

Source: My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@a_cp3

Tokyo Disney Resort plans 300-billion yen expansion, rumored to be third Tokyo Disney theme park

Expansion to have attractions exclusive to Japan, with Frozen area expected.

Since its opening in 1983, Tokyo Disneyland has enjoyed the status of being Japan’s premier theme park. That prestige steadily grew over the years as the addition of hotels, shopping centers, and eventually a whole second theme park, Tokyo Disney Sea, were added to the vicinity, together forming the Tokyo Disney Resort of today.

In recent years, however, Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan has been grabbing headlines and attracting visitors with a slew of tie-ups with non-Disney franchises, including Harry Potter, Final Fantasy, Nintendo’s video game properties, and a slew of popular anime series. There’s also a Studio Ghibli theme park coming to Aichi Prefecture, filled with the whimsical wonder of the animation house behind My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away.

But Tokyo Disney Resort isn’t just resting on its laurels. Oriental Land (the company that actually owns and operates Tokyo Disney Resort, under a licensing agreement from the Walt Disney Company), is planning a massive expansion of the resort, with a budget of 300 billion yen (US$2.68 billion).

The new additions will increase the size of Tokyo Disney Resort by some 30 percent. While Oriental Land hasn’t specifically announced that the expansion will be a third park, speculators believe that to be a likely scenario, considering the budget’s similarity to the 3.4 billion yen Disney spent in building Disney Sea, which opened in 2011 (the planned three billion expansion is the largest of its kind since then).

Oriental Land wants the expansion to include exclusive attractions that can’t be found in other Disney theme parks around the world. A Frozen area seems like a given, considering that there isn’t enough room within the confines of Tokyo Disneyland or Disney Sea to create attractions appropriate in scale to the film’s immense popularity.

The Nhon Keizai Shimbun reports that Oriental Land hopes for the expansion to be ready to receive guests in 2023, which, if doable, would roughly match up with the Ghibli theme park’s projected early 2020s opening.

Sources: Livedoor News via Hachima Kiko, Kyodo Tsushin, Nihon Keizai Shimbun via Jin
Top image ©SoraNews24