Häagen-Dazs ice cream sandwich milkshakes now available at pop-up cafe in Tokyo【Taste Test】

Häagen-Dazs fans will want to check out this limited-time-only cafe before it’s gone at the end of the month!

Häagen-Dazs has proven their commitment to providing us with quality ice cream by constantly releasing premium, fancy, limited-edition flavors like gold-dusted Matcha Opera ice cream. Their delicious flavors are sold as cups, ice cream bars, and, my personal favorite, Crispy Sandwiches.

In this summer heat, though, eating an ice cream sandwich is going to be a messy experience. Luckily, right now we can get the same delicious flavors in a Crispy Sandwich-flavored milkshake at the newly opened Häagen-Dazs Crispy Sandwich Beach Cafe, which is now open in montoak, a cafe and lounge in Omotesando, Tokyo!

They’re offering three delightful flavors: Caramel Classic, Hojicha Wa no Ka, and Triple Berry Rare Cheese, and they cost 700 to 800 yen each (US$6.29-$7.19). Each shake is blended with real Crispy Sandwiches, and topped with half of a Crispy Sandwich, some whipped cream, and other flavor specific-toppings, which means you’re going to get more than enough Häagen-Dazs from one of these babies.

We tried out the Hojicha Wa no Ka, flavored with roasted green tea, first. It’s made with black sugar and topped with whipped cream, red beans, and a Hojicha Wa no Ka Crispy Sandwich, which gives it distinctly Japanese nuances. With each sip through the thick straw, the earthy aroma of roasted green tea fills your mouth, but just when you think that’s the end of it, a refreshing sweetness bursts forth for a lip-smackingly tasty flavor.

If you mix in a little bit of the whipped cream and read beans as you go, it tastes just like a Japanese sweet served with green tea. Plus, the pieces of the wafers that have melted into the shake give an extra nice touch to an already complex flavor. You won’t be able to stop drinking this one!

The Caramel Classic, with its crunchy topping of caramel nuts, is a very satisfying drink. It’s not too sweet, and has a hint of bitterness to it, which gives it a very mature flavor. It seems like something a rich lady would be drinking as she walks her perfectly coiffed toy poodle around Omotesando.

The Triple Berry Rare Cheese is a very summery milkshake. The berries provide a nice sweet and sour aroma to the shake, while the pink color gives it a very bright appearance. With strawberries mixed in along with a bit of jam, this shake has an undeniable fruitiness that berry fans will love.

These shakes are big. You’ll want to bring a hearty appetite with you when you stop by this stall, so we don’t recommend that you come on a full stomach.

If you want a little bit more than a milkshake, though, they also have Crispy Sandwich Shake Parfaits, but they’re limited to just 100 per day, so if you want to try one, you should get there early. They are priced at 1,296 yen each ($11.65).

Though this pop-up stand will only be open until July 29, you can still enjoy at least one of the flavors after it closes. The Hojicha Wa no Ka Crispy Sandwich is now available in supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide, so if you really just can’t live without more of that roasted green tea flavor, you’re in luck.

Cafe Information
Häagen-Dazs Crispy Sand Beach Cafe / ハーゲンダッツ クリスピーサンド ビーチカフェ
Address: montoak, Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Jingu-Mae 6-1-9
Take-out hours: 11:00 a.m. to 7 p.m. (last order 7 p.m.)
Eat-in hours: 11:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. (last order 9:30 p.m.)
montoak’s hours: 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. (Mon-Thur, Sun); 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. (Fri-Sat, the day before a holiday)
Website (Japanese only)

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Last chance today! Earn a free donut at the Google Home Mini Donut pop-up store in Tokyo

For those who like to indulge in a diet of “hole” foods–just be careful not to take a bite out of one of the speakers by mistake! 

The Google Home Mini, a smart speaker powered by Google Assistant akin to the Amazon Echo Dot, went on sale in Japan late last month. This voice-activated home device is a clear godsend to some who use it for everything from keeping a running grocery list to playing their favorite tunes. But if you’re personally on the fence about buying one for yourself, why not test it out for free in the Omotesando area of Tokyo–and score a free donut to boot? The only catch is that today, Monday, November 13, is your last chance to go.

From November 8-13, Google Japan has been hosting a limited-time Google Home Mini Donut Shop located right outside of the B3 exit of Omotesando Station:

Inside the shop are a selection of Google Home Minis in all three stylish colors of chalk, charcoal, and coral that you can play around with. If you interact with one of them, you’ll also be able to receive a similarly-sized donut in the same color, as shown in the video below:

Genius marketing tactic? We’d have to say yes. Who can resist the combination of sweet, fried dough with the latest in hip technology? There’s even been a rumor that a few lucky people might score their own Google Home Mini instead of a donut inside of their takeout boxes. But honestly, we’d leave happy either way.

The following pictures were also posted by curious visitors to the limited-time shop who left with satisfied stomachs:

While the store has been open from 11 am-7 pm every day up until now, today it will be closing two hours earlier at 5 pm. “Donut” say we didn’t tell you if you show up later.

Store information
Google Home Mini Donut Shop / Google Home Mini ドーナツショップ
Address: Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Minami-Aoyama 5-1-25 ZeroBase Omotesando
東京都港区南青山 5-1-25 ZeroBase Omotesando

Source: Peachy via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Google Japan Blog

Japan’s Unique Skin Girls bring their brightly coloured complexions out to the streets of Tokyo

The girls showed off the new underground fashion trend in one of the city’s most upmarket shopping streets.

Earlier this year, we were introduced to a new trend emerging from Japan’s cosplay scene: Isshoku Hada, or “Unique/Remarkable Skin“. As the name suggests, the young people involved in this eye-catching craze pride themselves on displaying flamboyant skin, which they colour with body paint in all shades of the rainbow.

▼ Japanese DJ and model Miyako is one of the leaders of the new movement.

▼ This is what Miyako looks like without her colourful skin.

The unique look is said to recreate the otherworldly appearance of magical characters seen in anime, manga and video games, and while it’s a small and emerging subset of the Japanese cosplay scene, the self-titled “Isshoku Hada Girls” are steadily gaining more attention around the country. Most recently, a group of five girls turned heads after making a rare appearance on the streets of Tokyo last week, where passers-by couldn’t help snapping pictures as they posed for a series of photos.

Surprisingly, the girls chose not to make their appearance at Harajuku, the city’s well-known mecca for bold, fashion-forward individuals. Instead, the group opted for an evening stroll around Omotesando, the nearby shopping district known for its collection of posh eateries and high-class international designer flagship stores.

The girls added some striking flair to their unconventional appearances by dressing in yukata summer kimono and other outfits inspired by Japanese tradition and oiran courtesans.

For these girls, Isshoku Hada is all about individuality, self-expression and freedom. They enjoy taking unconventional beauty to whole new levels, with wigs, bright skin tones, contact lenses and colourful accessories helping to pull off the look.

The craze for unique skin is growing in popularity as more young women learn about the trend, connecting online to arrange catchups and photo shoots in unusual locations.

As the Isshoku Hada girls slowly creep onto the popular culture scene by popping up on TV shows and news media around the country, we have a feeling this is just the first of many outdoor trips for the head-turning group. Be sure to keep an eye out for the girls and their brightly coloured complexions in the future!

Source: Kai-You
Featured image: Twitter/sonorama13

We tried a colossal shaved iced dessert at Omotesando, got an equally massive brain freeze

Fancy an ice-cold dessert as big as a watermelon?

Autumn is right around the corner, but the temperature in Japan remains uncomfortably high. While covering yourself up or using a parasol to block off sun might be a great idea, nothing beats the summer heat as well as the age-old method of eating something cold and delicious.

One cozy cafe in Omotesando, Tokyo serves a Japanese icy dessert called kakigori (“shaved ice”) in a unique way that makes customers come back for more.

▼ The inviting cafe front

Conveniently situated behind the Omotesando Hills shopping complex, the cafe “Trees and Water and Earth” provides customers a moment’s respite from the scorching sun.

Kakigori is the summer staple in Japan.

To be fair, the cafe is famous for its pancakes, but we just couldn’t resist ordering the huge Peach Summer Special (1,450 yen, US$13.28) after seeing it on the menu. The store recommended the dessert to be shared among two people, but really, when it comes to delicious icy treats such as this, it’s every man for himself.

▼ Okay, they weren’t kidding when they said it was huge.

The menu did mention the kakigori to be 20 centimeters (7.87 inches) in height, which we initially dismissed since we weren’t mathematicians, but imagine our surprise when the thing turned out to be the size of a human head.

▼ Just looking at it made us shiver.

▼ There’s no turning back now. It’s time to dig in!

▼ The milky sweetness was delightful.

▼ The dessert came with a rich peach syrup,
whipped cream, and pieces of peach.

▼ We drizzled some peach syrup over the kakigori

▼ And nestled some fruit pieces on top for a luxurious treat.

What a delectable dessert! This one’s worth trying if you’re in the neighborhood looking for a cozy place to rest tired feet and recharge from all that shopping. Just remember to bring a friend along if you can’t finish a kakigori of epic proportions, or it will seriously own you.

And if you’re still craving icy treats, a short walk from there will bring you to a place selling ice cream served in a watermelon slice.

Store Information
Trees and Water and Earth Omotesando / 木と水と土と 表参道店
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae, 4-13-4
Open: 10 a.m.-8 p.m.
Closed: New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

Images: ©SoraNews24
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spotted in Japan 【Videos, Pics】

The celebrity couple drew attention as they shopped and strolled around the streets of Tokyo this weekend.

Back when they first met, Kanye West told Kim Kardashian that he would take her to Japan, and it seems the American rapper has followed through on his promise, with the celebrity couple spotted on the streets of Tokyo this weekend.

The pair were first seen in Japan on Saturday, just days after Kanye celebrated his 40th birthday on 8 June. They kicked off their visit in the swanky Omotesando neighborhood of Tokyo, where Kim came across the infamous Cat Man from Kyushu, photographing his kitties bundled up in a pram.

Kim later posted a video to Snapchat, showing her crossing the intersection at Omotesando and meeting the furry cats.

The couple, who have been married since 2014, were then spotted walking down the main street of Omotesando towards Harajuku.

While she was in Omotesando, Kim met up for a quick chat with Indonesian TV personality and socialite Syahrini.

Kim and her husband then made a quick stop at popular children’s toy store Kiddy Land, where they browsed through some cute Sanrio character socks.

Keen to try McDonald’s in Japan, Kim picked up an apple pie while they shopped up a storm around Tokyo.

Then it was time for more sightseeing, with Kanye snapping photos of Kim as they walked around the city. Following his wife’s frightening robbery at gunpoint in her Paris apartment last October, Kanye appeared to be keeping an extra vigilant eye on people around them during their visit.

The duo managed to squeeze some traditional Japanese culture into their day as well, with this video showing them in a room with tatami straw mat floors, overlooking a beautifully manicured garden.


A post shared by Our Generation Music (@ourgenerationmusicco) on Jun 10, 2017 at 12:34pm PDT

The couple also opted to try some traditional Japanese-style food at dinnertime.

Kim and Kanye attracted attention during their night out in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district.

The next day, they were spotted strolling the streets of Harajuku, once again attracting attention as they casually walked through the backstreets.

This Japanese passer-by couldn’t quite believe he was seeing Kanye West and his wife in person, wondering if perhaps this was some weird type of cosplay instead.

Kimye then stopped in at the Brand Collect clothing store, where crowds of onlookers gathered to catch a glimpse of the celebrity couple.

Kim filmed the waiting crowd as they left the store.

▼ Here’s what the crowd looked like from Kim’s point-of-view.

They left the fashionable area by car, with their security team in tow.

The couple then went on to Shinjuku, where they were seen shopping at Isetan department store.

Following their busy day, Kim shared this selfie with her fans, showing her and Kanye in what appears to be some luxurious accommodation.

While there’s no word yet on how long Kimye will be gracing Japanese shores for, with Kim’s love of social media, we’re sure she’ll be keeping everyone updated with their travels on Snapchat.

Personally, we’d like to see them visiting some of the traditional shrines and temples in Kyoto, and shacking up for the night in a bookshelf at the unusual bookstore hotel. That would definitely make for a memorable video!

Source: Instagram/キムカーダシアン
Featured image: Instagram/ultimatekimkwest