Seiko to release new Ghibli watches, including limited-edition 30th anniversary Totoro watches

Fans of Kiki’s Delivery Service will also want to check these out.

It’s a great time to be a Ghibli fan right now. With the Ghibli amusement park in the works, an adorable Totoro cafe opened in Thailand, and Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki out of retirement, fans have numerous things to look forward to from their favorite animated film studio.

Plus, even with tons of great Ghibli merchandise already available, new Ghibli products are always becoming available. Adult fans of My Neighor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service may especially like the newest line of casual watches from Seiko which feature adorable motifs from these classic animated movies.

This collection of eight watches is from Seiko’s brand for everyday wear, Alba, and are designed to be affordable, stylish watches that fans of Ghibli can wear at any age. Each of the face designs are subtle yet adorable, while the straps and casings of the watches are sleek and chic. They’re designed with women in mind, but of course any Ghibli fan can appreciate their mature homage to these beloved films.

The watches’ faces come in four different designs for each movie, totalling eight unique varieties, and the leather straps come in seven different colors, so hopefully anyone can find a style that they like.

But the faces are not the only Ghibli-specific features: the back of the straps and the stainless steel watch case are also engraved with Totoro and Kiki motifs. Fans can appreciate the quiet nods to the films on every corner of these new watches.

In addition to the eight styles above, two limited-edition My Neighbor Totoro watches are going to be released exclusively to celebrate the movie’s thirtieth anniversary. The face’s design comes in ivory and black, and features a small Totoro peeking over a flower garden and holding a four-leaf clover.

These watches are limited to just 1,000 units in each style and come with a serial number on the back of the case ranging from 0001 to 1000, which verify their authenticity. They’ll also have the words “30th Anniversary” engraved on the back and will come in a cute “30th Anniversary” box, so these are guaranteed to become super collector’s items.

Each of the regular edition watches will be priced at 9,000 yen (US$81.64) and will be on sale from July 7, while the limited edition Totoro watches will retail for 15,000 yen starting from August 4. The company are being coy about where you can get these, making them real collector’s items, and while there’s no word yet of overseas or online sales, visitors to Japan may want to look out for them at Ghibli merchandise shop Donguri Kyowakoku or any store where Seiko watches are sold as soon as they can.

Looking for more Ghibli goods? Totoro collectors will love the limited-edition handmade reproduction cels of the film, which are now available for preorder, and fans of Kiki’s Delivery Service might also like Donguri Kyowakoku’s new line of Kiki perfumes. If you’re a Ghibli fan, it’s almost guaranteed that there’s a product out there for you!

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New illustrated Studio Ghibli folding fans: A beautiful way to deal with Japan’s summertime heat

Totoro, Jiji, and No Face are here to provide a cool breeze as you set out on warm-weather adventures of your own.

If you’re an anime fan who’s planning a trip to Japan, it’s pretty much a given that going to Donguri Kyowakoku, the chain of shops stocked with amazing Studio Ghibli merchandise, is something you’ll be doing. And should said trip to Japan happen during the next few months, another thing you’ll definitely be doing is sweating profusely, thanks to the high temperatures and humidity of Japan’s summer months.

So while you’re tossing voice-activated Laputa levistone pendants and moving No Face coin banks into your shopping basket, make sure you leave a little room in your budget for some of these gorgeous Ghibli Japanese-style folding fans to help keep yourself cool.

Four designs are available, starting off with the Cool Breeze Totoro, which features the beloved Studio Ghibli mascot on a deep blue background, with a soot spirit ornament dangling from the base of the fan.

If you’re after a more classically feminine look, or want all three differently colored versions of Totoro together, the Wisteria Totoro has the large gray and medium blue forest spirits on the fan itself, with the micro-sized white one as the ornament.

Summer Smile Kiki’s Delivery Service may not feature the tituar witch herself, but the logo of her (also titular) business is found at the far right. Multiple images of Kiki’s easygoing familiar Jiji appear on a field of sunflowers, with the black cat also taking on the ornament role.

And last, in the Camellia Spirited Away fan, decorated with a soot sprite ornament, it’s No Face who immediately draws the eye, but let your perspective expand a bit and you’ll discover Haku, in his dragon form, streaking across the sky.

Should you worry that carrying these lovingly illustrated fans around in your bag will leave them soiled and bruised, Donguri Kyowaoku also has a cloth fan pouch, although only the Cool Breeze Totoro motif is offered.

▼ Front and back sides shown

The fans measure 21 centimeters (8.3 inches) in radius, and are priced at 2,980 yen (US$28), while the pouch sells for 900 yen. All go on sale later this month at Donguri Kyowakoku branches and the chain’s online shop, and should you still be looking for Ghibli-inspired ways to deal with Japan’s humid summers, the Kiki’s Delivery Service body mist fragrance line would be a good place to start.

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Studio Ghibli enters the perfume game with launch of Kiki’s Delivery Service body mist line

Anime witch Kiki and cat pal Jiji grace the bottles of fragrances saluting the Hayao Miyazaki classic.

For fans of the anime of Studio Ghibli, the Donguri Kyowakoku chain has just about anything you can imagine, from Spirited Away No Face coin banks to magical light-up Laputa pendants. But just when we thought the stores had mined every last possible avenue of Ghibli-related merchandise, Donguri Kyowakoku has once again thought far outside the box.

As of this week, Donguri Kyowakoku is offering a line of Kiki’s Deliver Service perfumes. Four different scents are available, each inside a bottle decorated either with little witch entrepreneur Kiki or her black cat familiar Jiji.

The Kiki’s Delivery Service Body Mist line is a joint venture with fragrance Fernanda. Two of the aromas, Maria Regale and Lovely Melody, are part of the company’s preexisting favorites.

▼ Maria Regale (left) contains the scents of jasmine and pear, while Lovely Melody has rose and freesia notes.

The remaining two are original fragrances made just for the Kiki collaboration. Thankfully, Fernanda decided against modeling either after the strong tobacco scent that likely surrounds longtime heavy smoker and Studio Ghibli co-founder Hayao Miyazaki, instead opting for orange and rose in My Story, and peach, jasmine, and honey for Magic Moment.

▼ My Story (left) and Magic Moment (right)

The body mists contain a moisturizing agent, and Donguri Kyowakoku says they’re safe to use on your face, hair, and clothing fabric, so you could even use them as a Fabreeze substitute if you’ve gone out for some particularly pungent ramen after building up an appetite binge-watching anime.

All four varieties are identically priced at 1,500 yen (US$14) for a 100-milliliter (3.4-ounce) bottle. Alternatively, the whole set can be purchased here through the Donguri Kyowakoku online shop for 6,000 yen.

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BUMP OF CHICKEN unveil 3D-themed Lyric Video for “Kinen Satsuei”

A couple of weeks ago we reported on BUMP OF CHICKEN‘s collaboration with Nissin‘s “Cup Noodles” brand, which saw them provide the backing track for the company’s “Kiki’s Delivery Service” themed commercial.  Today the band made the surprise announcement that it would be releasing this song, titled “Kinen Satsuei”, on all Japanese digital storefronts starting immediately.

In support of this sudden release, the group have also published a special lyric video for the song to their Youtube channel.  This video pairs well with the electronic-influenced track, making use of a series of 3-dimensional cubes which are displayed in an array of different configurations, sometimes with images contained within.

You’ll find the rather unique lyric video for “Kinen Satsuei” just beneath the jump.

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BUMP OF CHICKEN and Kiki’s Delivery Service come together in the latest CM for Nissin’s “Cup Noodles”

Last night it was announced that popular rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN would be providing the latest CM song for Nissin’s “Cup Noodles” brand.  This track, titled “Kinen Satsuei”, is a gentle mid-tempo number which combines a faint electronic beat and some vocal echos with singer Motoo Fujiwara’s idiosyncratic voice.

The commercial itself is based on the popular Studio Ghibli film “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, reimagining the movie’s main characters Kiki and Tombo as a pair of high school students in modern Japan.  After several classic high school moments, Kiki takes Tombo to a point high above the city below, where she finally confesses her love to him.

While no release date has been set for “Kinen Satsuei”, you’ll be able to view the CM, as well as a trailer which features several sketches related to the campaign below.

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Kiki’s back! Famous Studio Ghibli anime witch returns in jaw-dropping short animation【Video】

But it’s not Hayao Miyazaki’s studio providing the magic for this look at Kiki’s life four years after her movie ends.

By the end of the classic Studio Ghibli anime Kiki’s Deliver Service, the titular witch protagonist has had quite an adventure. She’s moved to a new town, struggled with the temporary loss of her magical powers and ensuing identity crises, helped avert tragedy by flying to the rescue during a potential air travel tragedy, and formed some significant personal relationships.

But while that might seem like the perfect spot to roll credits on the film, Kiki herself is only 13 years old at the conclusion of the Hayao Miyazaki-directed film. She’s got a lot of important, emotional moments left in her teens, let alone her life, which brings us to a gorgeous animated short that takes a look at what Kiki is up to at the age of 17.

In contrast to the early 20th century European vibe of the Kiki anime, the video shifts the setting to present-day Japan, and while Kiki still sports her signature ribbon, she’s swapped her jet black witch’s dress for a schoolgirl uniform and other more contemporary fashions.

Also appearing in the video is Kiki’s inventor pal Tombo, who’s looking a bit more stylish and handsome than when we last saw him.

▼ Whereas the Ghibli Tombo was trying to create his own old-timey bicycle-powered flying machine, this one is into drones, in keeping with the modern setting.

While it’s a little startling to see Kiki and Tombo drawn by someone other than frequent Studio Ghibli character designer Katsuya Kondo, Kiki’s Delivery Service didn’t start out as a Ghibli property. The original novels, from author Eiko Kadano, have their own non-Kondo artwork, and the 17-year-old designs, from manga illustrator Eisaku Kubonouchi, look fantastic.

Their sharper angles impart a dramatic maturity and emotional weight to the fast-paced look at a year in the life of the teens, as Kiki and Tombo study, snack, and even attend a Halloween celebration together.

If the name Eisaku Kubonouchi sounds familiar, we recently took a look at some other artwork from him as part of a collaborative effort with vice actress Megumi Hayashibara and rock band Bump of Chicken for Cup Noodles maker Nissin’s Hungry Days ad campaign, which has “youth” as its theme. The new Kiki video is also part of the series, and once again features Bump of Chicken’s new song “Kinen Satsuei” (“Commemorative Photo”). While Hayashibara isn’t involved this time, Kiki is voiced by actress Minami Hamabe, who’s appeared in live-action adaptations of the Anohana and Saki. Tombo, meanwhile, is played by Yuki Kaji, best known as the voice of main character Eren in Attack on Titan.

As for the video’s story, things get kicked into high gear after Kiki notices another girl at school has a crush on Tombo. The complete narration/dialogue translates as:

Kiki: “I’m going on ahead!”
Tombo: “Kiki, watch out!”
Kiki: “Huh?”
Narration: “I’m Kiki, 17 years old. Will I be able to deliver my feelings to him? Now, there’s magic in youth.”
Kiki: “Tombo, there’s something I have to give you.”
Tombo: “Kiki…”
Kiki: “I love you!”

The video doesn’t show what happens next, but learning to be brave in the face of uncertainty really is what being young is all about.

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New Studio Ghibli tea collection includes tea sourced from Totoro’s real-life forest in Japan!

Now you can enjoy the flavours of some well-known characters from the acclaimed animation studio.

If you’re looking for Studio Ghibli merchandise in Japan, one of the best places to head to is a chain of official stores called “Donguri Kyowakoku” or “Acorn Republic“. Here you’ll find everything from Howl’s Moving Castle cookware to Totoro umbrellas with patterns that appear in the rain, and even a No Face money box that burps as it gobbles up your coins.

In their never-ending quest to delight customers with new and exciting merchandise, Benelic, the company behind the Donguri Kyowakoku stores, has outdone themselves again, this time by teaming up with popular Japanese tea retailer Lupicia, in order to create an adorable new range of teas featuring some of our favourite Studio Ghibli characters.

First up in the range are two beautiful tins adorned with characters from the 1989 anime film, Kiki’s Delivery Service. Jiji the magical black cat appears on the “Jiji and Butterfly” tin, which contains a fragrant rooibos tea filled with the flavours of strawberry, apricot and honey. Made with rose petals, pink peppers and dried blueberries, this blend has been designed to conjure up all the warm, friendly thoughts that Jiji has for her human friend Kiki.

Kiki herself appears on the beautiful “Kiki and Townscape” tin. Inside this one is a black tea filled with the sweet and tart flavours of strawberry and blackcurrants, a combination that’s said to resemble Kiki’s bittersweet struggle to become a full-fledged witch, as she leaves her family behind to fulfil her calling and find friendship with a boy called Tombo.

The third and final tin in the new collection features one of the most popular and well-known characters from the Studio Ghibli franchise, the loveable Totoro from the 1988 anime film, My Neighbour Totoro. The “Napping Totoro” tin looks absolutely adorable, with the sleeping giant surrounded by a couple of soot sprites and a collection of his beloved acorns. The tea inside is especially unique too, as it uses hojicha roasted green tea sourced from the Sayama Hills in Saitama Prefecture, which is the real-world setting for the anime film and the place where Totoro is said to reside in real-life. The roasted green tea contains less caffeine than regular green tea, which makes it a perfect option for unwinding and relaxing before bedtime.

The 40-gram (1.4-ounce) tins of tea will retail for 1,500 yen (US$13.50) each at Donguri Kyowakoku stores around the country from from 22 April.

The tea range is set to be incredibly popular, so to ensure you don’t miss out, head on over to their online store to pre-order them for domestic delivery here. Unfortunately, the items are yet to be made officially available for overseas customers, but there’s a chance that they might appear on international delivery sites like Global Rakuten or Japan Trend Shop soon so be sure to check them out for more details!

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