Sexy fairy tale heroine swimsuits from Japan will turn the beach into fantasyland this summer

Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Alice in Wonderland are ready to hit the sand and surf.

As part of a fashion-conscious society that’s not averse to a splash of playful sexiness, Japanese swimsuit designers draw inspiration from a number of sources, such as Japanese school uniforms (both women’s and men’s), Shinto shrine maidens, and anime characters. But for its latest creations, Japanese fashion label M Kigyo (also known as Emu Project) is taking its cues from Western sources, with a trio of bikinis based on the fairy tales of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Alice in Wonderland.

The Little Red Riding Hood swimsuit bundles a hooded parka, bikini top, skirt, and bikini bottom together in a four-piece set that enables the wearer to mix and match the components for various looks.

▼ There’s also a black version, which we guess would make this Little Black Riding Hood.

Less extensive, but also less expensive, than the 23,950-yen (US$220) Little Red Riding Hood is the two-piece Alice in Wonderland set, for 19,900 yen.

This swimsuit actually provides a lot of coverage, with a blouse-like top connected to a high-wasted skirt-style bottom by a pair of overall straps with frilly shoulder accouterments, which are removable if you’re worried about getting cross-shaped tan lines on your back.

While Alice is usually depicted in storybooks and cartoons wearing blue, the suit is also offered in red and black.

Finally, the three-piece Snow White set is priced at 16,970 yen, getting you a white-colored top with a chest ribbon, removable skirt, and bikini bottom.

▼ Alternate colors this time are all-navy and sky blue.

If you’re finding yourself drawn to components from different sets, most of the bundled items can also be purchased separately, as can M Kigyo’s swimsuit cover overalls.

All items can be ordered here directly from M Kigyo, with delivery scheduled for mid-July, right as Japan comes out of its rainy season and prime beach weather begins.

Source: M Kigyo via IT Media
Top image: M Kigyo
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Busty cosplayer’s “boobpack” has fans hoping it becomes Japan’s next fashion trend【Photos】

Daring fashion choice requires both confidence and chestiness in large measures.

When learning Japanese, it took me a long time to get used to using the word ryukku, even though it comes from the English word “rucksack.” That’s because I grew up in the U.S., where no one ever says “rucksack,” and everyone instead calls a pack you carry on your back a “backpack.”

But maybe others who’re struggling with that same part of their Japanese studies will have that mental barrier blown away by Yui Okada (@dotetinyui on Twitter), who’s recently shared a series of photos on Twitter that have appreciative observers associating the rucksack not with the back, but with a popular part of frontal female anatomy.

“Carrying my rucksack with my breasts,” tweets Okada.

In her profile, Okada describes herself as someone who “makes adult-oriented cosplay-style DVDs.” In other words, she dresses up in skimpy or fetish-fueling outfits, such as the frilly schoolgirl-like ensemble above.

While Okada’s chest is prodigious and protruding enough to fit the rucksack’s shoulder straps around, some imagined it must be a painful setup. However, Okada herself tweeted multiple times that it didn’t hurt at all, though she also says she wore the straps like this as a one-time joke, so it’s unsure if she’d still be comfortable after repeated or extended boobpack sessions.

For those who couldn’t quite understand where exactly everything was in relation to each other, She helpfully tweeted a shirtless follow-up demonstration as well.

Okada’s boobpack was met with widespread approval online, with multiple commenters saying it surpassed even the beloved “breast slash” look, as well as:

“This is an incredible idea.”
“Such an overwhelming presence.”
“I wonder if this will start a trend?”
“A whole new function for breasts.”
“The frills are cute.”

Despite the rather chaste reaction from the last commenter, Okada is unabashedly conscious that its her sexiness that draws in most fans. So while other cosplayers put painstaking effort into makeup and hairstyling

…it’s not unusual for Okada to elect not to show her face in her tweets, instead relying on her creativity, fashion sense, and above-mentioned “overwhelming presence” to keep fans coming back for more.

Source: Twitter/@dotetinyui via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@dotetinyui

New cat keyhole lingerie from Japan will make you purr like a pussycat in the bedroom 【Photos】

Are you team black cat or team white cat?

Ever since bra tops with cleverly placed cut-outs burst onto the scene in Japan a couple of years ago, lingerie makers have been featuring the peek-a-boo look on a number of racy new designs.

Now there’s a new release that combines the bust-revealing appeal of the keyhole with the ever-popular feline theme, complete with lacy accessories set to make any cat lover go wild in the bedroom.

Available in either black or white, the five-piece set consists of a bra top, with a heart-shaped keyhole, pants with frills that sit on your waist and hips, and a bell collar.

With so many lacy frills adorning your curves like fur, the catlike transformation is complete with a couple of cuffs and a pair of delicate cat ears.

While the black cat set features a gold-coloured bell on the collar, the white set uses a silver coloured bell for its ring.

Outfits can be personalised with the addition of other accessories like cat toys and lace garters, to create your own unique look.

The see-through bottoms make the view from behind just as pretty as the front.

Whether you choose to reveal your inner feline to that special someone, or keep it a secret all to yourself, the playful lingerie sets are designed to bring happiness to all who lay eyes on them.

The cat-ear lingerie sets retail for 3,672 yen (US$33.56) and can currently be ordered online from Village Vanguard, with deliveries scheduled for early-mid June. And if you prefer to be a bunny in the bedroom, Village Vanguard has you covered there too!

Source, images: PR Times

Japanese women come out in cosplay to celebrate Maid’s Day in Japan【Photos】

It’s the day in May when maids of all shapes and sizes come out to play.

May always starts off well in Japan, with a series of Golden Week holidays giving everyone a chance to take a break from new schools and new jobs after the beginning of the fiscal year in April.

But that’s when May Sickness, or Gogatsu-byou, threatens to kick in, as the harsh reality of the daily grind crushes down on everyone. With no sight of another long weekend on the horizon for another two whole months, everyone’s shiny new enthusiasm becomes dulled.

Here to save the day is Maid’s Day, celebrated on 10 May due to the fact that the alternate reading for 10 (do) works to create the word “May-do” which sounds just like the word “Maid“ in Japanese.

As always, cosplayers, artists and even figurines came out to play, sharing their photos with the international maid-loving community. Let’s take a look at some of their pictures below!

Instagram Photo

While the frilly black-and-white costume is one of the most popular choices for Maid’s Day, that doesn’t mean all maids are made the same, with cute maids…

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

▼ Moody maids…

Instagram Photo

▼ Cheeky maids…

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

▼ Scary maids…

Instagram Photo

▼ And AV actress maids in underwear making an appearance.

Instagram Photo

There were also plenty of good-looking 2-D maids on display as well.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Not to be left out, figurines and dolls also got dressed up for the occasion.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

While traditional maids are known for their housekeeping duties, the maids of Maid’s Day prefer not to be photographed with any housecleaning supplies, with many choosing to lie down on the job instead.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

With photos still appearing online to celebrate Maid’s Day, it’s still not too late to join in the festivities by adding your own pics to the collection. Don’t forget to add the Maid’s Day hashtag #メイドの日 in Japanese, and if you’re looking for inspiration, you can find plenty more ideas from last year’s celebrations!

Source: Instagram/#メイドの日
Featured image: Instagram/

It’s Ghibli merchandise galore at the Donguri Kyowakoku pop-up shop in Shibuya!

It looks like Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood is the place to go for exclusive Studio Ghibli anime merchandise during the first half of this month. 

That’s right, for a limited time, Ghibli fans will be treated to not one, but two pop-up shops right in the middle of Tokyo’s Shibuya area! From now until May 16, two Donguri Kyowakoku shops specializing in Studio Ghibli anime merchandise will be open at the Tokyu Toyoko Department Store connected to Shibuya Station. And the goods on offer are sure to delight Ghibli enthusiasts, as they’ll include advance-sale items as well as exclusive items available only at these pop-up shops.

The first of the two pop-up shops, the Donguri Kyowakoku store, is set up in the Tokyu Toyoko Department Store’s Pop-up stage A Corner, and the merchandise there includes a selection of advance-sale T-shirts made in collaboration with American apparel brand GBL.

▼ A selected number of Ghibli-themed GBL T-shirts which will officially be released in early June are available for advance sale at a price of 4,630 yen ( US$42).

Another lovely item that’s sure to catch the eye is the line of eyeglass cases decorated with  Sagara-style embroidery (Japanese embroidery similar to the French knot style), priced at 1,800 yen.

▼ The case comes in four designs featuring the anime My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Whisper of the Heart and Spirited Away. The delicate embroidery should make them great presents!

There’s also a cotton canvas tote bag decorated with a combination of Sagara embroidery and chain stitching.

▼ The 3,000-yen tote bag is available in four types, with designs from My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Porco Rosso and Spirited Away.

The second pop-up shop, the Closet by Donguri Kyowakoku, is set up in the Pop-up stage C Cornerof the department store and offers other exciting Ghibli products including newly released basket bags and accessory items.

The basket bags are available in two types, a tote bag (19,800 yen), and a long strap purse type shoulder bag (9,000 yen).

▼ The basket bags are made with quality abaca fiber and hand-embroidered with designs from either Kiki’s Delivery Service or My Neighbor Totoro.  They’re certainly a fun way to add a bit of sweet spice to your style.

The line of hand-made accessories available exclusively at the Closet store is also sure to capture the hearts of Ghibli fans. The delicate pieces are colorful and retro-chic, making them a delight to look at.

▼ Here’s the Totoro pin (4,300 yen) and earring (3,700 yen).

▼ There’s also a Kiki pin with the city of Koriko in the background (4,300 yen) and an earring of Kiki’s profile (3,900 yen).

They’ll apparently also have pins, earrings and necklaces featuring designs not only from My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service, but Whisper of the Heart as well, so fans will definitely want to check those out too.

The two pop-up shops are sure to be a treat for anyone fond of Studio Ghibli’s works, but they’re open only until May 16, so don’t miss this opportunity if you’re in Tokyo in the next two weeks!

Store information
Tokyu Toyoko Department Store / 東急百貨店
Address: 150-8319 Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya 2-24-1 (connected to Shibuya Station)
〒150-8319 東京都渋谷区渋谷2-24-1 渋谷駅・東急東横店
(Pop-up stores on the 1st floor of Tokyu Toyoko Department Store’s West Wing)
Open: 10 a.m.- 9 p.m.  (Pop-up Stage A will close at 6 p.m. on final day)
Until May 16

Sources: PR Times ,Benelic
Images: PR Times

Less than half of Japanese women wear a bra at home, survey finds

Surprisingly large number also say they relax at home in the nude.

Japan is unabashedly fond of fashion and sexiness, and those twin passions produce an extraordinary amount of interesting bra designs. We’ve seen designers take inspiration from anime such as Sailor Moon and Evangelion, and incorporate such motifs as bunny rabbits and the signs of the Zodiac.

But as impressive as all that creativity may be, according to one survey a large number of Japanese women don’t feel the need for it at home. Between March 14 and April 27, internet portal J-Cast News asked women whether or not they wore a bra at home, collecting 4,311 responses and finding that less than half of the women polled always wear undergarments on top.

▼ Actress Manami Hashimoto was among the respondents who said she doesn’t wear a bra at home.

45 percent of the survey respondents said they always take off their bra when at home, with another 11.4 percent saying they sometimes do. Researchers didn’t ask for reasons why, but the greater comfort of being liberated from restrictive wires and straps seems like the obvious impetus.

▼ Actress and media personality Rina Kawaei, formerly of idol singer supergroup AKB48, also replied to the survey as part of the “no bra at home” demographic.

These statistic are sure to set some men’s minds to fantasizing about 50-plus percent of Japan’s at-home breasts swaying free and easy like hammocks in the breeze. However, it’s also worth noting that in the same survey, 10.6 percent of the women polled said that when they’re relaxing at home, they do so completely naked. While some people do indeed enjoy watching TV, surfing the Internet, or partaking in other domestic leisure activities in the nude, one-in-ten women doing so seems like an unusually high ratio, and it’s possible that the survey’s large number of women who don’t wear a bra at home is simply a byproduct of the group of women who responded being less fond of clothing in general than the rest of society.

Source: @nifty News via Otakomu
Top image: Pakutaso

‘Egg’ online magazine attempts to revive parapara and gyaru culture by releasing a single

On “Shibuya Day”, celebrated on April 28th, ‘Shibuya Sky Festival’ was held in the district that has borrowed its name to the special day. At the event, models of reborn, now online-only magazine ‘egg’ gathered together to celebrate the fun parapara culture – announcing a single and a model audition in the process!

Models Miyu, Momo, Aina, Aimi, Pito, Maami and Nagi had gathered for an event organized by ‘egg’ the magazine. The girls began with a fashion show, during which they struck the famous ‘egg’ pose accompanied with loud cheers from the crowd.

In order to further revive the parapara boom, the models announced that record label Avex will release their new single, ‘I LOVE egg’. The girls themselves have created both the lyrics and the choreography for the song. Modelpress reports that men and women in the audience reacted positively to the song that was performed live for the first time. The release date will be announced at a later date.

At the end of the event, it was also announced that ‘egg’ will hold an audition for new in-house models.

More pictures of the event available at Modelpress.

(Via Modelpress)


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