Pikachu Outbreak 2018: World’s first Eevee march to join Pokémon summer celebrations in Japan!

Because the only thing better than seeing 1,500-plus Pikachus is seeing a squad of Eevees at the same time.

Ever since 2014, Japan’s second-largest city of Yokohama has been coming to life every August as hundreds of Pikachus overrun the area in an annual celebration called the Pikachu Outbreak.

▼ Each year’s “Outbreak” runs under a different theme, and this year’s theme is “Science is Amazing“.

One of the highlights of the roughly week-long festivities is the chance to see daily Pikachu parades around the Minato Mirai harbour district, where over 1,500 Pikachu mascots strut through the streets, get wet and wild, and bust out dance moves amongst crowds of adoring fans who come from around the country to catch a glimpse of them.

Now in its fifth year, the organisers have decided to add some extra excitement to the Pokémon festivities by introducing a world-first to this summer’s instalment: an Eevee march!

While the exact number of Eevee mascots in the parade is being kept under wraps for now, the organisers are describing it as “the world’s first big Eevee march“, which means we can expect to see a large group of cute and cuddly brown-furred creatures on display.

Given that Eevee’s been hard at work recently, visiting offices around Japan as part of the Eevee Company Visit project, we’ve got a bit of an idea of what she’ll look like on the day.

While the Pikachu parade route runs from Queen’s Square Yokohama to the Grand Mall park area, those looking to get a wave from Eevee should head to the Shinko Central Plaza in the Red Brick Warehouse district during the festivities.

▼ The Red Brick Warehouse district will also be the site for the Soaking Wet Splash Show, where visitors can cool down with Pikachu.

While the Eevee parade will only be held during the day, for the first time this year, the Pikachu parade will also be held after sundown as well, when a procession of electric Pokémon will appear in flashing-light costumes.

▼ And there’ll also be a Pikachu parade on the sea, with a digital splash show featuring other Pokémon as well!

This year’s Pikachu Outbreak event will run from 10-16 August, so don’t forget to don your Pikachu glasses and pack your Pokémon soda because this event looks set to be their biggest one yet!

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Pokémon Soda appears in Japan! But Pikachu isn’t the star?!?

The face of the franchise gets pushed aside by another beloved Pokémon and its eight evolutions.

In the past, we’ve discussed the question of which species of Pokémon would be the most appetizing to eat. Now, though, let’s turn our attention to the topic of Pokémon-based drinks.

Don’t worry, though, there are no Pocket Monsters on the ingredient list for Japanese beverage maker Ito En’s new Pokémon Soda. Instead, it’s the packaging that’s covered with frolicking favorites from the anime/video game franchise.

Nonetheless, you could argue that a different name would have been more appropriate. See, while there are hundreds of different types of Pokémon, Pokémon Soda is primarily about Eevee and its eight possible evolutions.

▼ Eevee takes a peek into Ito En’s employee fridge and is happy to see what’s inside.

Four different designs are available. First up is the original evolved Eevee trio of Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon. Moon and Sun Shard-dependent Umbreon and Espeon also share a bottle.

The third label has Glaceon and Leafeon hanging out together, while the final design features Fairy-type Sylveon, the most girlishly cute evolution of the bunch, palling around with the original Eevee.

Pikachu also has a on all the labels, because when was the last time anyone complained about Pikachu making an appearance?

This is actually Ito En’s second time to team up with the Pokémon franchise, following the PokéVege bottled vegetable juice that went on sale last year. Pokémon Soda, though, is likely to be a bigger hit with kids’ palates, with its sweeter mango flavor.

▼ Individual bottles of Ito En’s drinks are commonly available in vending machines and convenience stores, but if you’re a serious fan, special ordered 24-packs of Pokémon Soda will ship in a collector’s box.

Pokémon Soda goes on sale July 2, right about when the weather starts to really heat up in Japan. At this time of year, it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated, so it’s good to know Eevee is ready to help us beat the heat, as well as wash down any Pikachu burgers or Magikarp taiyaki sweets you eat this summer.

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The rumors are circulating: What could the upcoming Pokémon Switch game be?

Let’s GO! Pikachu? Let’s GO! Eevee? Or something else entirely?

After the thrill of something new in Sun and Moon (and the somewhat less exciting Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon)Pokémon fans have been waiting in intense anticipation for the next game in the franchise, which we know for sure is going to be the first Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo and Game Freak have been keeping everything neatly under wraps, but still netizens have been speculating that the new game (or games) could be ready for release as soon as the end of this year.

Rumors are plentiful, and now some industrious fans seem to think they know what’s coming next. An anonymous user on 4chan who appears to be in the know (though how much stock can you really put into 4chan?) apparently “leaked” information that, like other games, the next game will come in two versions, this time called “Let’s GO! Pikachu” and “Let’s GO! Eevee”.

A logo has been circulating on the Internet that certainly seems to match with the speculation, but no one knows where it comes from, or whether it’s genuine.

The theory is that, since the title includes Pikachu and Eevee specifically, the players will be offered the choice of a Pikachu or an Eevee as their starter Pokémon, and the games will be based on Pokémon Yellow. Fans seem to think that Pikachu or Eevee will be following the character around, like in the original Yellow. However, it seems that the prevailing idea is that it won’t be a Yellow remake, but instead will be either a base game for Generation 8, the next generation of new Pokémon; or a different story altogether that continues the story of Red and Blue.

Users on another message board are guessing that the titles are real because The Pokémon Company seems to have been heavily promoting Pikachu and Eevee merchandise, with special emphasis on Eevee to help it keep up with Pikachu’s popularity (for example, sending Eevee to offices around Japan). They will also play a big role in the upcoming movie. However, it’s not an entirely convincing argument, since those are arguably two of the most popular characters in the Pokémon franchise.

▼ The trailer for the upcoming Pokémon film

Still, there’s plenty of evidence if you’re looking for it. Some think that Pokémon director Junichi Masuda dropped a hint when he recently Tweeted a photo of him holding a giant Pokéball with a stuffed Pikachu and Eevee in the background.

▼ “I found this giant Pokéball at the Pokémon headquarters this morning lol”

Netizens say that the “L” on Luigi Pikachu’s hat stands for “Let’s GO!”, and is also some kind of mysterious hint. This hovers dangerously near the level of confirmation bias, though, so it’s best to take such “evidence” with a grain of salt. However, Masuda has apparently tweeted hints about upcoming Pokémon games before, so netizens are on high alert for any sign from him that could confirm their theories.

Rumors have also been circulating that the long-awaited Switch game might be integrated with Pokémon Go, which as we all know achieved massive success after its release, although the fervor quickly petered out. Industry insider Emily Rogers wrote an enigmatic post on her blog about how Nintendo could learn from the success of Pokémon Go and use some of its attributes to improve the upcoming games, implying that the Switch game may incorporate some features of the popular mobile game.

▼ A supposed leaked screenshot of the mysterious game. If you look closely, apparently Eevee is riding on the trainer’s head.

Some netizens seem to think that this means using the touch pad to swipe Pokéballs at Pokémon, and another anonymous 4chan user suspects that the two games can be linked and players will receive rewards in Pokémon Go for actions performed in the new title. Some fans are bitter about this idea, believing that it’s merely a way to get the fair-weather fans of Pokémon Go to buy into the core game franchise, but it could be a good marketing technique on the part of Game Freak and Nintendo.

Whether it’s a Pokémon Yellow remake, the start of Generation 8, a Pokémon Go-inspired game, all of those combined, or something else entirely, Emily Rogers says we can expect an official announcement of the title at the end of this month. Though fans’ speculations have been off the mark before, Rogers says the new titles might “raise a few eyebrows”, so who knows? They might have guessed it right. Either way, we can’t wait!

In the meantime, you’ll find us eating at the Pokémon Cafe and trying out the Pokémon Escape Park to satiate our Pokémon withdrawals while we wait.

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Pokemon’s Eevee will visit your real-life office in Japan for best day at work ever【Pics, Vids】

Adorable guest is sure to boost Poké-productivity.

I’ve got a lot of things to be thankful for in life, and one of them is that sometimes, for my job, I get to go out and see Pokémon, like last week when I met celebrity chef Pikachu at his brand-new Pokémon Café in downtown Tokyo. But this month, some lucky office workers in Japan get to have Pokémon come to them.

Eevee is currently in the middle of the Eevee Company Visit program, in which the beloved Pocket Monster is visiting select offices to meet with their employees and top managers.

While some of these visits are to organizations that have strong ties to the Pokémon franchise, such as toy maker Banpresto, Eevee is also heading to meet-and-greets at companies that have no connection to the anime or video game industries. Above, she shakes hands with the president of offbeat office supply company King Jim, and she also stopped by Tanita, a manufacturer of weight scales and other personal wellness devices.

▼ Eevee tries out the healthy lunches at Tanita’s nationally famous employee cafeteria.

Of course, even in Japan, most office buildings aren’t designed with Pokémon access in mind. Because of that, sometimes the elevators, halls, and doorways Eevee passes through during her visits are a bit of a tight fit, though always adorably so.

▼ Banpresto’s lobby is pretty spacious, though.

Sometimes, Eevee even meets her counterparts at the companies she’s visiting, like when she hung out with King Jim’s anthropomorphized document binder mascot.

Although it’s never mentioned in the Pokémon anime or video games, apparently one of Eevee’s abilities is “business etiquette.” In addition to bowing politely when meeting her hosts, she makes sure to wipe her feet when coming in from outside, and also dutifully wore a name tag while at the King Jim offices, just in case there were any non-Pokémon fans on the staff who didn’t already know her name.

However, in a break with orthodox Japanese business manners, Eevee is totally OK with giving/receiving hugs, as specifically mentioned in the Eevee Company Visit policy guidelines and as seen in these heartwarming moments from her meetings with the presidents of King Jim and Tanita.

▼ Best day at work ever?

The Eevee Company Visit project continues until March 31, and interested offices can apply online here.

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Takuya Eguchi’s Pokemon Doodle Confuses Official Eevee Account

Does this voice actor have a future in Pokémon Mega Evolution design? …probably not.

Pokémon’s Eevee has a ton of evolution variants, a total of eight, and each is themed on a different elemental type.

Despite this, Eevee doesn’t have its own Mega Evolution yet. What would the creature look like? Some kind of conglomeration of all the elements combined?

An all-powerful Legendary Pokémon voice actor and infamous doodler Takuya Eguchi decided to draw what he thinks Eevee would look like. The picture was shared on the Twitter account for Eguchi’s variety program Eguchi Takuya no Oretachi Datte Mo~tto Iyasaretai! (Takuya Eguchi’s We Also Want to Be Healed More!).

Like his previous drawings, this Eevee has the characteristically blank eyes and full, red lips. The strange drawing caught the attention of Project Eevee, an official Eevee merchandise line.

▼ Once again we felt the possibilities of the unusual Eevee.

Eguchi’s doodles previously went meta after appearing in the second episode of TsukiPro the Animation. Eguchi voiced a character in the show and his doodles of the mascots of his variety program appeared as stuffed animals in the anime character’s room.

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Forget snowmen – Japan shows us we should be making snow Pokémon and Totoros instead!【Photos】

Or, if you want to be really unique, snow toilets and urinals.

In Japan, the standard snowman design is pretty simple: just two icy spheres stacked up on top of each other. Going to all the trouble of making three balls of snow is seen as the foreign way to do it.

That doesn’t mean that Japanese snow sculptors are lazy, though. They just channel their creative energies into making things other than snowmen. Like snow Pokémon, for example.

With heavy snowfall across much of Japan earlier this week, there was plenty of frosty material with which to make a snow Eevee, like the one above. Franchise mascot Pikachu, or course, was also well-represented.

▼ Bulbasaur may be the least popular original starter Pokémon, but someone still loves him.

Mimikyu’s fake smile is always a little chilling, but especially so when rendered in ice.

Moving on to another anime icon, working with frozen slush can make sharp angles hard to reproduce, but that’s no problem when your muse is cuddly Studio Ghibli star Totoro.

▼ Even Totoro looks surprised at how colorful that umbrella is.

▼ Totoro, cosplaying as Ghibli brethren No-Face

▼ Totoros inside another Totoro?!?

If you gravitate towards more action-packed anime, there’s also this icy recreation of Dragon Ball Z villain Frieza.

And if you need even more edginess, there’s irreverent self-proclaimed “shitty anime” Pop Team Epic’s wide-eyed schoolgirls.

And if that’s still not shitty enough for you, how about a snow toilet?

▼ But…how do you flush?

▼ Considering how cold weather makes people have to pee, it’s a brave move building a snow urinal outside your house, since we can’t help but wonder if passersby were tempted to use/melt it.

Unfortunately, the forecast is for sunshine the rest of the week in Tokyo, but hopefully we’ll get at least one more snow day before spring so that creative fans and inspired sculptors can show off their skills again.

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New Pokémon earrings and hair accessories will have you looking Pikachu-perfect

Need something special to finish off your holiday party outfit? Let Pikachu and Eevee help.

There are a number of things that make Pikachu’s design fantastic, but one of the most important is that the Pokémon mascot can be recognized simply by his silhouette. For those who’ve seen the Pokémon anime or played the video games, the shape of Pikachu’s head and tail are as instantly recognizable as Mickey Mouse’s ears are to Disney fans, and that familiarity has led Japanese design house Small Planet to craft a batch of understatedly elegant yet cute Pikachu accessories, plus a few items featuring fellow Pokémon Eevee and its evolutions.

Starting things off are two Pikachu earring options, either a single earring with a combined Pikachu silhouette and dangling tail, or a three-piece set where the face, tail, and a Pikachu-yellow stone can all be placed separately. Both pierced and clip-type earrings are available, with the individual dangling earring or the three-piece set both priced at 2,000 yen (US$18).

Once you’ve got your ears adorned, Pikachu is also ready to help get your hair in place with either a Pikachu barrette (1,500 yen)…

…or three-piece hairpin sets (1,600 yen each), one with Pikachu’s face, one with his tail, and one with a Poké Ball, perhaps the one that Pikachu has refused to get into for the past 20 years (although he’s got a heartwarming reason for his stubbornness).

And finally, if your love of Pokémon has more to do with a devotion to Eevee than an affinity for Pikachu, Small Planet has a trio of hair scrunchies (1,200 yen each) with plates bearing the likeness of Eevee or her evolved forms Espeon or Umbreon.

The accessories will be sold at select Pokémon Center megastores in Japan, with the Mega Tokyo (Tokyo Ikebukuro), Yokohama, Tokyo Skytree Town, and Osaka branches getting their shipments in late December for anyone wanting to show off their sense of Pokémon style at Christmas or New Year’s parties.

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