Dragon Ball’s Lord Beerus shows up at mortal’s house, lowly humans beware!【Cat cosplay】

If there’s one lesson that the Dragon Ball anime has taught us in recent years, it’s that you should never cross a God of Destruction (without cup noodles).

Lord Beerus: Universe 7’s God of Destruction, who has the power to eliminate planets with a single sneeze….when he’s not taking a decades-long snooze.

First appearing as the main antagonist in the 2013 film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Beerus subsequently became a supporting character in the Dragon Ball Super anime. He’s one of the few beings for whom even prince-of-all-Saiyans Vegeta has shown visible fear in response to his seemingly limitless destructive capabilities. Thankfully, whenever his temper is flaring, he can usually be appeased by whatever delectable peace offering Bulma and the others can conjure up.

▼ Happy God of Destruction

It appears that last week Beerus was in such a good mood that he even decided to grace us lowly mortals with his divine presence. Twitter user @sun_ikuto shared a picture of him sporting a delicate expression that suggests he was either experiencing the aftereffects of a luxurious but raw deep-tissue massage OR contemplating which order to blow up Earth’s continents in (the latter being statistically more likely):

“Dude, Beerus-sama is at my Chinese friend’s house!”

Other net users promptly posted side-by-side comparisons of Beerus with his animated form, and delighted in leaving comments such as the following:

“Please take care not to make him angry or else the Earth is doomed!”

“Also, be careful that he doesn’t sneeze. I will be sure to send over some cup noodles, so please don’t let him destroy the Earth.”

“[English] ‘The cat’…have some respect. That’s Lord Beerus.”

“I LOLed when I saw this. Those clothes are handmade, right? It’s the real Beerus-sama. The time of animal cosplay has come (LOL).”

“Meanwhile I’ve got Karin-sama [Korin] at my place:”

▼ Karin/Korin, as seen in the Dragon Ball anime

We should mention that Beerus’ design is supposedly modeled after Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama’s own pet Cornish Rex cat, just as a former pet served as the inspiration for Korin as well. But shhh! Don’t tell Lord Beerus if you value your own existence–we highly doubt that he would be pleased hearing that he’s anything remotely similar to a lowly house cat.

Source: Twitter/@sun_ikuto
Featured image: Twitter/@Golem_13

Japan’s number-one cosplayer draws an incredible crowd as she steals the show at Comiket【Photos】

Enako, one of Japan’s most popular and beautiful cosplayers, is ready for her close-ups dressed in an alternate costume of a beloved anime heroine.

Last weekend, the summer Comiket was held at Tokyo’s Big Sight convention center. But while a huge group of cosplayers gathered for the show, one cosplayer’s appearance was an event unto itself.

▼ An alternate angle shows the crowd was just as thick on the other side.

Standing all alone in the eye of that storm of photographers is none other than Enako, commonly referred to as Japan’s number-one cosplayer. Shortly before 11 a.m. on Sunday, Enako had sent out a brief, casually worded tweet informing her fans that she’d be at this field near Tokyo Big Sight at “around noon,” which was all it took for an immensely sized and ardently adoring crowd to gather.

Enako was dressed as Asuna, heroine of the Sword Art Online anime/video game/light novel franchise. While Asuna is always a popular cosplay choice, Enako added extra appeal by wearing the character’s “Titania” outfit from the series’ Fairy Dance arc (which explains the elf-like ears), as opposed to Asuna’s more commonly cosplayed standard costume.

But Enako wasn’t just at Comiket to show off her Asuna outfit. The three-day event is a major source of income for the cosplay pro, and after saying good-bye to her fans in the field, she headed into the halls of Big Sight and changed into a costume of Atago, one of the anthropomorphized warships from mobile game Azur Lane, to promote the title at the booth of publisher Yostar.

And even this doesn’t constitute all of Enako’s Comiket wardrobe. The day before, she’d been selling her newest photo collection, once again dressed in inventively eye-catching attire, with fans arranged not in a thick circle, but a long line to buy their copy of the book.

The book, not surprisingly, sold out, as Enako informed her followers with this tweet of her standing behind a sign announcing that no more copies were available.

Enako has announced, however, that the book is also being sold through her official website. Orders can be placed here, for anyone who’s interested in seeing more of her, which we’re guessing is applicable to a lot of people, judging from the huge crowds she drew at Comiket.

Sources: Hachima Kiko, Twitter/@enako_cos
Featured image: Twitter/@dayonesoudayone

The beautiful cosplayers of summer Comiket 2018【Photos】

Soaring temperatures couldn’t stop these amazing cosplayers from shining brighter than the sizzling sun at this year’s premier otaku gathering.

Japan is roasting is some of the most intense heat ever recorded this summer, but even if the temperature is high enough to partially melt anime figures, it still can’t damage the enthusiasm of the otaku community. Last weekend the 94th iteration of Comiket, Japan’s largest independently produced dojinshi manga event, took place at Tokyo’s Big Sight convention center, and once again cosplayers were out in full force.

Comiket officially opens at 10 a.m., and we showed up at 10:30 on opening day, having timed our arrival as to miss the most violent moments of the customary otaku stampede at the nearby Kokusai Tenjijo Station. But even at this hour of the morning, the costumed play had already started, and we made our way to the outdoor cosplay area.

One of the hottest otaku properties right now is Fate/Grand Order, thanks to the mobile game feeding users a steady supply of fan service (including explicit recognition of the importance of bustiness). It was no surprise that there were plenty of FGO cosplayers at the event, and this particular crowd of cameras was focused on the game’s Mordred.

▼ More Fate cosplay in the form of Red Saber

As we mentioned, the coplay area is outside the convention center. Considering how revealing many anime costumes are, we’re hoping everyone’s makeup routines also included a generous lathering of sunscreen.

▼ The concept of maid bikini tops continues to captivate Comiket attendees.

Not every cosplayer was going for scantily clad sexiness, however. Some instead braved the heat in expansive outfits with an abundance of coverage and style.

Perhaps the biggest development in otaku media over the last few years has been the virtual YouTuber boom, which was kicked off by the unprecedented success of Kizuna Ai, who was represented by multiple cosplayers.

Also serving as inspiration for multiple cosplayers were the Kantai Collection/Kancolloe

…and Re:Zero franchises.

At any anime/manga event, look hard enough and you’ll find one or two cosplayers who have picked their costumes specifically to strike at the nostalgia sensors of older fans, like this lovingly crafted cosplay of Macross’ Minmei.

And while the majority of both he attendees and cosplayers at Comiket are Japanese, the event has been steadily becoming more internationalized.

So if you’re thinking of cosplaying at the next Comiket, go for it, regardless ow whether the trip to Big Sight is a domestic or overseas one for you. And to everyone who did cosplay this year, a big otsukare!

Photos ©SoraNews24

Cosplay in the bedroom with Japanese lingerie sets featuring fox, panda and bondage dog designs

And if you’re looking for even more variety, there are nine extra animals to choose from.

If you’ve ever wanted to fulfil fantasy lingerie goals in the bedroom, Japan has a collection to make your wildest fantasies come true. From anime-inspired designs to chess-set collections and zodiac-sign lingerie, there’s no end to the creative choices on offer here, but for many people, it’s the call of the wild that gets them very time, as animal-inspired outfits have proven to be popular time and time again.

Now there’s a new lineup of animal sets vying for your attention, with a total of 12 designs in the collection. Sweetly called SugarPet, this range of underwear is more like cosplay for the bedroom, with a number of cute accessories to help you get into the character of your spirit animal.

First up, there are four designs which have just been released: the panda, the fox, the leopard and the bear.

One of the things that sets this lingerie collection apart from the others is the fact that each set uses furry material to replicate the feel of patting an animal when you touch it.

The black-and-white panda set pays homage to its home country of China with a gold-and-red choker and traditional knotted buttons in gold on the choker and top. There’s also a pair of furry wrist cuffs and a pair of fluffy black panda ears to complete the look.

The cute little white panda tail is clipped on to the back of the pants, but because it’s detachable you can use it with other items in your wardrobe too.

Next up is the fox, an animal that plays an important role in Japanese folklore. Often worshipped as kami, or gods, foxes are portrayed as mystical beings and faithful guardians in Japan, and are believed to have the power to ward off evil.

▼ Foxes are known to be playful as well!

This set contains a fox-ear headband, a furry choker and wrist cuffs, and a furry bra and pants with string ties.

▼ And the pièce de résistance: a big, bushy fox tail.

Next up we have the leopard set, which spices things up with a crossover peekaboo top and a distinctive leopard-print pattern on the ears, bra, pants and tail.

▼ If you’re looking to growl like a bear, then this six-piece bear set is for you.

This furry underwear is complimented with a red velvet ribbon and choker, along with cuffs, ears, and of course – a little tail.

The above four lingerie sets are the latest in a series from Sugarpet, which started off with an initial range of nine designs, including the Black Bunny…

▼ …The Black Cat…

▼ …The Strawberry Bunny…

▼ …The Silver Wolf…

▼ …The Dalmation…

▼ …The Milk Cat…

▼ …The Milk Bunny…

▼ …And the Bondage Dog…

With 12 designs in the complete range, there’s bound to be an animal to suit you. Retailing for the very reasonable price of 3,229 yen (US$29.10) each, the entire collection is currently available to purchase from Village Vanguard, where you can pick up up some sexy tuxedo bunny lingerie too.

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The results are in! Team Mexico wins the 2018 World Cosplay Summit【Photos & Videos】

All of the teams were awesome, but Team Mexico’s fantastic costumes and amazing choreography won them the championship!

If you didn’t think cosplay was big enough to have a world competition, well, you’d be wrong. The World Cosplay Summit is held every year in Nagoya, Japan, and it’s such a big deal that even the governor of Nagoya gets dressed up for it.

Teams of two from each country have to win preliminary rounds to make it to this top-tier competition, so only the best of the best from each country can participate. This year teams from 36 countries around the world competed against each other, and although each one brought their A-game, Mexico’s cosplay pair, Banana Cospboys, stole the show with their outstanding performance based on the Street Fighter video game series.

Since judging for the competition is based on the performance as well as the costumes, it’s no wonder Team Mexico won. Only one-third of the 300 points are awarded for the accuracy, quality, and technique of the costumes, while the remaining two-thirds are allotted for the performance, stage presence of the costumes, and fidelity to the characters. Team Mexico’s fantastic fight choreography (and impressive flexibility), in addition to their true-to-character costumes, are undoubtedly what earned them the championship.

Nevertheless, each of the teams’ costumes looked amazing, and their performances were stellar. Team France’s Resident Evil Revelation cosplay show, for example, included not only great costumes and working props, but also gory special effects, which were super awesome.

Team Philippine’s performance, based on the video game and anime series Sengoku Basara, featured an incredible dual-weapon sword fight with perfectly timed sound effects, all in unbelievably elaborate costumes.

But the championship performances of the Cosplay World Summit are actually just the climax of the event; in fact, it’s not only a competition but also a five-day-long convention. Many of the cosplayers enjoyed meeting new people and posing for relaxed photos during the days leading up to the final.

▼ Team Bulgaria

Instagram Photo

▼ Team Taiwan

Instagram Photo

But of course, what is a cosplay convention without photo shoots? The competing teams also took official competition photos before their on-stage performances.

▼ Team Mexico

Instagram Photo

▼ Team Russia

Instagram Photo

▼ Team Sweden

Since it’s a convention, those who aren’t competing are free to attend as well. One of the biggest attractions for non-competitors are the cosplay parades, where the world-class costumers from this year’s competition, as well as alumni from previous competitions, can show off some of their favorite cosplays.

This year, there were also opportunities to pose in front of many different backgrounds, including pools, fireworks, shrines, and wedding halls. Though some photo-shoot opportunities had to be postponed due to a typhoon, both competitors and attendees still took full advantage of the remaining on-site shooting opportunities.

Instagram Photo

Of course, fans of cosplay don’t always need fancy backgrounds to photograph their favorite cosplayers, as evidenced by the many fan photos.

The World Cosplay Summit is truly a great chance to see some of the best of the best of cosplay. If you’re interested in seeing more, check out the hashtags #wcs2018 and #コスサミ2018 on Instagram and Twitter for some more amazing cosplays. You can also check out our collections from 2017, 2016, and even 2013.

Source: Mainichi Shimbun via Kinisoku
Top Image: YouTube/PRYME CINEMON

Cosplay at the beach with the Japanese Bunny Ear Nurse School Swimsuit

Why dress like a sexy nurse when you can dress like a sexy bunny nurse?

If you’re looking for a new swimsuit this summer, you could always go the conventional route and opt for an everyday one-piece or bikini, or you could go the other way entirely and try out a head-turning design like this one from Japanese cosplay model and designer Moira Design.

Called the Usa Mimi Nurse Suku Mizu, or Bunny Ear Nurse School Swimsuit, this new costume delivers exactly what it promises, with a five-piece set designed to make you look like a sexy nurse-bunny hybrid both in and out of the water.

The beauty of the set is that all the pieces can be purchased separately, meaning you can wear them all together or team them with your existing swimwear so you can rest safe in the knowledge that you won’t be looking like anyone else at the pool.

▼ There’s the swimsuit itself, which comes in black or white and retails for 4,500 yen (US$40.33) each.

Then there’s the high-necked nurse’s top, which features a crossover design, puffed sleeves, and a cross/bunny face logo on the chest.

The white top comes with pink piping and a pink bow on the back, while the black version comes with grey piping and a grey bow.

The cute rabbit-face logo on the top also appears on the hat, which is designed to be worn with the bunny-ear headband, and is sold with the fluffy rabbit’s tail as a three-piece set for 6,500 yen.

▼ The choice of accessories or shoes you choose to wear with the outfit is entirely up to you!

And if you’re wondering who the pretty bunny nurse is, it’s one of Moira Design’s favourite models, Japanese cosplayer Riko Konoe.

The Bunny Ear Nurse School Swimsuit is available to purchase from Village Vanguard, with the entire five-piece set costing 25,000 yen. And to celebrate the new arrival, some of Moira Design’s other eye-popping outfits have returned to Village Vanguard as well, including their sailor suit swimsuit, the boys’ school uniform swimsuit, and the Chinese Dress School swimming costume. That’s a lot of choice to keep everyone entertained at the pool this year!

Source, images: PR Times

Nagoya’s governor shows up for work cosplaying as star of anime Sword Art Online【Photos】

When you’ve got a meeting with cosplayers from around the world on your schedule, a suit and tie just won’t due.

Every year, Japan’s Aichi Prefecture hosts the World Cosplay Summit, bringing together anime and video game costuming enthusiasts from around the globe. The event isn’t just a celebration, but a competition as well, with teams from various nations vying for the honor of being crowned the summit champions.

The event is a rare opportunity for often-overlooked Aichi to get some international attention, so it’s a big deal for the prefecture, as well as for governor Hideaki Omura. So with this year’s summit officially kicking off on July 28, Omura organized a meet-and-greet with the competitors so he could thank them in person for taking part in the festivities. But instead of wearing the drab suit and plain white dress shirt Japanese politicians are customarily seen in, he chose an outfit a little more appropriate for the occasion.

That’s Omura dressed as Kirito, the gamer/swordsman protagonist of anime and light novel sensation Sword Art Online. And no, this isn’t a snapshot that was leaked by paparazzi, but a photo Omura himself shared through his official Twitter account.

▼ Omura and this year’s World Cosplay Summit contestants

One fellow Sword Art Online fan decided to give the governor’s cosplay a digital upgrade by inserting Kirito’s girlfriend Asuna into the background…

…while another opted to replace the costume altogether by instead stamping Omura’s head onto Kirito’s anime body.

This isn’t the governor’s first time to dress up for the World Cosplay Summit, either, Last year, for example, he donned the uniform of Gintama’s Tohiro.

Other anime personas he’s taken on include Dragon Ball’s Goku, Detective Conan’s titular sleuth, and Space Battleship Yamato’s Dessler (a.k.a. Desslok).

Omura isn’t the only high-profile civil servant who cosplays as part of the World Cosplay Summit, though. Takashi Kawamura, mayor of the summit’s host city, Nagoya, also cosplays each year. Though photographic evidence of this year’s outfit has been harder to track down, he’s visible in the top left photo of the collage below, dressed as One Piece’s Law for 2018.

The World Cosplay Summit runs until August 5.

Source: Twitter/@ohmura_hideaki via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@ohmura_hideaki