New Disney summer kimono are beautifully cute and require no sash tying【Photos】

Six patterns skirt Tokyo Disneyland’s no-cosplay rule, feature characters as famous as Mickey and as forgotten as Clarice.

With all of Japan’s domestically produced animation, some people might think that it’s an either/or choice between liking Japanese culture and liking Disney cartoons. That’s not the case at all, though, as Disney’s Japanese fanbase is immensely passionate, and now has the option to wear that passion on their sleeves…as well as the rest of their summer kimono.

Japanese fashion brand Poneycomb Tokyo has just released a brand-new line of yukata (lightweight summer kimono) featuring some of Disney’s brightest stars. A total of six designs are available, starting, of course, with Mickey Mouse, who’s accompanied by some pineapples for extra warm-weather appeal.

Since these are women’s yukata, Poneycomb also wants to offer some extra-girlish options, which is where Minnie and Daisy’s patterns come in.

Learning how to tie the obi (sash) for a yukata can take some practice, but Poneycomb’s Disney offerings sidestep the issue by coming bundled with what’s called a tsukuriobi, which consists of an easy-to-put-on waistband and a pre-tied ribbon that you slip onto the sash.

Donald Duck’s starry deep-blue yukata has a cooling motif, just the thing for Japan’s sweltering summer days/nights.

▼ Alternatively, the Goofy/Max yukata lets Goof Troop fans bask in warm colors.

▼ Finally, Clarice the chipmunk’s pattern combines an often-forgotten Disney character with a seldom-used color for yukata.

The six kimono are identically priced at 12,960 yen (US$119), which is a fairly reasonable price for a yukata/obi set, and can be ordered directly from Poneycomb Tokyo online here.

While Tokyo Disney Resort usually has a pretty strict no-cosplay rule, these should be acceptable, since you’re not actually dressing as the characters themselves, and it’s hard to imagine a better outfit if you’re planning to visit Tokyo Disneyland or Disney Sea this summer.

Sources: PR Times, Poneycomb Tokyo
Top image: Poneycomb Tokyo (1, 2)
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Japanese taxis now being driven by ninja, bodyguards armed with concealed water pistols

Two awesome reasons to skip Japan’s train network and take a taxi instead.

In Japan, the rail network is efficient enough that you really have to have a compelling reason to take a taxi over a train, so when does that choice make sense? If you’re headed to a destination that’s far away from the nearest station, obviously. Or if you’re travelling in a large group, splitting the cost of a cab can be more economical than each person buying a train ticket. Oh, and if you want a ninja to assist you in getting from Point A to Point B, once again, a taxi is the way to go, provided it’s operated by Sanwa Kotsu.

Yes, the Yokohama-based taxi company is back again with a new set of themed cabs, one of which is the Ninja Taxi. While the vehicle itself is standard-spec, your driver will be dressed head to toe in the garb of Japan’s mythical shadow warriors, and will also pepper his speech with period appropriate classical Japanese vocabulary, making the ride a treat for history buffs and linguistics fans alike.

On the other hand, if you prefer your personal protector to project a more contemporary, yet no less capable, aura, Sanwa is also offering what it calls an “SP-style Taxi.”

In Japanese, “SP” is used as an abbreviation for “security police,” and refers to the security details that accompany high-ranking politicians and other VIPs on their way to and from meetings with other power brokers. The SP-style taxi driver, appropriately, is armed at all times, as underneath his suit is a shoulder holster with a concealed pistol. Granted it’s a water pistol, but should a squirt gun battle break out on the way to your destination, you’ll be in good hands (plus you’ll get to feel a little like the emperor of Japan).

Both services launched on June 11, just in time for the start of the summer travel season, and serve as successors to Sanwa’s previous kabuki and horseback archery-themed taxis. However, even Sanwa isn’t quite playful enough to convert its entire fleet into ninja and SP cabs, so you’ll want to contact the company and request a pickup in one of the special taxis, which you can do through its website or with the help of your hotel’s front desk staff.

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Source, images: Press release

Showa Modern kimono roomwear from Japan blends beautiful retro style with contemporary comfort

Newest offerings from hyper-popular brand Mocolle are a convenient, cozy way to cosplay at home.

Japanese fashion label Mocolle gets its name by combining mousou, meaning “fantasy” or “delusion,” with “collection.” But while the brand isn’t averse to fantastically sexy and sexily fantastical designs, like its shrine maiden bikini or rabbit lingerie, sometimes the company prefers to offer modest but playfully retro clothing.

Mocolle’s latest offering is the Showa Modern kimono roomwear line, taking its aesthetics from the early years of the Showa period, which ran from 1926 to 1989.

This isn’t Mocolle’s first time to offer kimono-inspired roomwear. But unlike its previously produced versions, the Showa Modern roomwear is a two-piece design, with a separate loose-sleeved furisode-style top and billowy hakama-like bottom.

▼ While Hakata are traditionally pants, the set’s bottom is actually a skirt.

Making the Showa Modern a two-piece design lets you mix and match the various patterns and colors however you like, with the full lineup consisting of four different tops and three hues of bottoms.

▼ The bottoms are bundled with decorative sashes of the same color.

For those who are curious, that’s model Kuroneko wearing the Showa Modern in these photos.

▼ Yes, her professional moniker does mean “Black Cat.”

Many of Mocolle’s fashions have a bit of a cosplay/anime influence to them, and so the company also now has its very own illustrated mascot/spokesmodel, Moko, who’s also tried on the new roomwear.

As with most of Mocolle’s clothing, the Modern Showa is initially being offered as part of a campaign on crowdfunding website Campfire. Individual tops are priced at 6,120 yen (US$56) and individual bottoms at 6,800 yen, while combined sets start at 12,640 yen.

The campaign has about 50 days left to go and is seeking a total of one million yen. Considering Mocolle’s stellar record of crowdfunding successes, it probably won’t have any trouble hitting that mark, and if you’re keen to lounge around your house in kimono style, the campaign can be found here.

Source: Campfire via IT Media
Images: Campfire

Plus-size Thai model returns with even more genius low-cost food-themed cosplay

After going viral with her prawn cracker gown, Sine has upped her food cosplay game with meat, crisps, and enoki mushrooms.

Back in 2016, a young Thai lady by the name of Benjaphorn “Sine” Jessadakarn achieved overnight fame after going viral for her unique parody of a red carpet dress. While the original frilly pink gown worn by Thai Actress Araya “Chompoo” Hargate at Cannes that year wowed photographers, as soon as Sine saw it, it reminded her of prawn crackers, so she decided to replicate the look with bags of prawn crackers, and overnight, a star was born.

Sine immediately went viral around the world, with local and international media outlets praising her low-cost cosplay look and scrambling to find out more about the woman who was being dubbed The Parody Queen on social media. As the owner of a plus-sized clothing store, Sine told everyone that her passion for low-cost cosplay came about after she came up with the idea of using clothes from her shop to replicate celebrity outfits.

After posting photos of her looks on social media idea to promote her clothing store, Framsook Lek Lek, Sine’s talent has been growing by the day, with even more outrageous parody designs made with edible ingredients appearing online. And with every new post, people from around the world react with smiles, laughter and applause for her parody genius.

Instagram Photo

Last year she copied Rihanna’s 2017 Met Gala look, creating her own version of the floral Comme Des Garçons Fall 2016 runway piece with a variety of luncheon meats.

This year, she took on another red carpet look by replicating Tunisian designer Ali Karoui’s ruffled aquamarine ball gown, worn by Chinese actress Fan Bingbing at the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival. Sine’s low-cost version was made with what appears to be hundreds of lettuce or kale leaves, topped off with a pot in place of Fan’s silver handbag.

Instagram Photo

Thai Actress Araya “Chompoo” Hargate remains one of Sine’s greatest inspirations, with this stylish yellow number worn by the star giving birth to a yellow parody dress made from chunks of durian fruit.

Instagram Photo

▼ The ingredients for the dress took up the entire space in her refrigerator!

Instagram Photo

Another dress inspired by Chompoo’s Cannes red carpet looks is this one, made with hundreds of Enoki mushrooms.

Instagram Photo

Lately, Sine’s been thinking outside of the box for more food parody inspirations, sharing this look which mimics an image of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Unlike Kim Jong-un, Sine gives her speech on the street at a food stall, with pieces of sizzling meat laid out in front of her instead.

Instagram Photo

Sine’s creativity truly knows no bounds – where most people see a blue puffer jacket and a chic handbag, this Thai beauty sees mountains of crisps and a multi-layered tiffin box.

Instagram Photo

Sine says she has a lot of fun putting her outfits together, and even more fun eating her outfits later with family and friends.

Instagram Photo

With so many celebrities and fashion-forward looks appearing on the red carpets of the world day after day, Sine isn’t short of inspiration when it comes to creating parody looks. While we’re sure to see more stunning photos from Sine, until then we’ll be feasting our eyes on these fun budget looks from Thailand’s LowCostCosplay.

Source: Facebook/framsookleklek1
Featured image: Instagram/framsook_lek_lek

Beautiful crossplayers to convention perverts: If you have to touch someone’s boobs, touch ours

They’re cute, and they’re pretty, but they’re also tough, and they will make you take no for an answer.

When it comes to cosplay, inspiration can come from characters of all mediums, and of all shapes and sizes. While many costumes involve cool props or beautiful fabrics, some involve less fabric and more skin, which inevitably leads some people to think they’re allowed to touch cosplayers without permission.

It’s a world-wide problem for the female cosplay community, but two beautiful cosplayers are taking a stand. While attending a recent convention, Twitter user and cosplayer @ALL_SSR posted a photo with a friend, @futa_free, showing off their cute costumes, but the complementing text is what made them go viral:

“Seriously, no matter how exposed a female cosplayer is, she, like many others, is not ‘that kind of girl’. Groping and molesting women is wrong.
If you really want to touch somebody’s boobs, come see us! We’ll let you cop a little feel. Just a little.
During the event only ♥

It sounds like a dream come true for perverts, but there’s a catch: these cosplayers are actually male.

At first glance, the netizens look like cute cosplaying girls, although they might be somewhat flat-chested. Their make up is on point and their little animal ears are too cute for words. But on second glance, you can see that these ladies are actually gentlemen, and they’re packing some muscle, to boot! It’s hard to tell when you can only see their pretty faces, like in this shot:

Hopefully their muscles scared the pervy convention-goers into keeping their hands to themselves! This kind of attitude from the male community is just what female cosplayers need to start to feel safe at conventions, and the fact that it was a funny joke makes it even better! Netizens loved their tweet so much that it was liked and retweeted more than 100,000 times, and comments ranged from awe to arousal to amusement:

“I don’t think any men will touch your breasts once they see your muscles…But if I touch them I might ascend to heaven!”
“I really respect the training you’ve done!”
“Seriously?? Can I give them a squeeze?”
“I’d rather touch your abs than your boobs…lol”
“All-kun you are so cute!! Please let me touch your breasts!”
“Really? You’ll get people’s hopes up if you aren’t careful…”
“Your way of thinking is the best! And you being pretty is the cherry on top!”

@ALL_SSR, a makeup enthusiast, weight trainer, and guitarist, wasn’t expecting the tweet to go viral, so they’re a little embarrassed that they offered their breasts to the Internet. But they’re glad they got to spread their message, and that they were able to make people laugh at the same time.

▼ They’ll be waiting for you, perverts!

People sure are loving it! Perhaps the two of them should get together with the muscly Sailor Neptune cosplayer? I bet they’d make a great cosplay trio!

Source: Twitter/@ALL_SSR via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@ALL_SSR

Steampunk designer shows off new occult gun, no CGI used in the making of this video

It’s the perfect weapon to fight evil, and by “fight evil” I mean scare the crap out of your pets.

We’ve previously featured the works of FriskP, the steampunk themed designer whose creations have dazzled on Japan’s video site Niconico douga for years now. This latest offering, a gun that appears to channel mystic energy, is certainly no exception. In fact, it may just be FriskP’s most impressive work to date.

Of course, it doesn’t really shoot anything…or does it? Who knows what goes on in the astral plane?

Nevertheless, viewers were understandably blown away by the CG effects come to life and expressed their unanimous sense of awe and yearning.

“It really feels like it’s coming out when you pull the trigger.”
“Get out! Is that real?!”
“That’s just awesome and I want it.”
“I want that so freaking bad.”

The video also explains how the gun is made, but don’t get your hopes up. First you’ll need to acquire a Phantom, developed by a tech start-up called Life is Style. The Phantom is a “versa-writer” which works on the same premise as those fans that display a clock by spinning lights around really fast.

It was these same fans that FriskP once used to create a steampunk watch.

Although cool, the resolution of this technology was noticeably low, making its applications limited to fan-clocks and variations thereof for years until now. The Phantom takes this principle and boosts the image quality considerably, so you get something like this!

The Life is Style website appears to be coy regarding the price of actual Phantoms, which generally means they’ll be pretty pricey. Serious purchasers should inquire with them directly, but it appears for the time being they are catering to high-rollers like event planners and other pros.

If you manage to get past that step, then hopefully you’ll have saved enough money to get a 3-D printer if you haven’t done so already. This will be needed to create the mounting that will attach the Phantom unit to a toy gun of your choosing. Of course, you’ll also need to do the modelling on your favorite CAD program.

After that it’s just a matter of designing the animation that the Phantom will project. FriskP notes that this can mercifully be done for free using Nive2 software, so it might be wise to start with this step to see if you’ve got what it takes to make such a gun first.

If you happen to have both the means and the know-how to make your own DIY occult gun, then you’ll be treated to hours of sitting in your room going, “Chk chk, gsssssssshhhhhh, pakaw! Take that Dormammu!” Afterwards, you can search for more inspiration to guide your next DIY project, because clearly you have a knack for it.

If not, take heart that you’re just like most of humanity, and wait patiently from one of these geniuses to mass produce these things so that we may all go, “gssssssshhhhh, pakaw!” too and rejoice.

Sources: Phantom 3D Hologram Display, YouTube/FriskP, Kinisoku
Images: YouTube/FriskP

Serve up some eye candy at the beach with revealing new maid’s costume bikini from Japan

The peek-a-boo “pumpkin pants” will ensure all eyes are on you this summer.

When it comes to fun and unusual swimwear, nobody does it quite like Japan. Summers past have seen ranges dedicated to Chinese dresses, Japanese school uniforms, and even ninja shadow warriors, but this year, it’s all about the pumpkin pant from apparel brand Alter ME.

The new pant design is part of a swimsuit that pays homage to the maid, with frills, buttons, bows and brooches harking back to a bygone era. While the accessories stick to a traditional theme, some of the other features belong in a more modern environment.

The three-piece set consists of a bikini top, pants, and suspenders that attach the top to the bottoms. The bra contains inserts for a comfortable fit, while the frilly yoke around the neckline hides your cleavage for a demure look.

What really sets this swimsuit apart from anything else on the market is the pants, which have a cute pumpkin-like shape to them. While they’re covered with a frilly white apron at the front, the slit design on the sides shows off some skin, while the peek-a-boo slit on the back shows off your butt cleavage.

Japanese cosplayer @sara_orz, who designed the swimsuit and modelled in it for fans on her Twitter account, suggests wearing a pair of bikini bottoms underneath the pumpkin pants, to avoid causing chaos on the beach with your behind.

The swimsuit is available in three colours: black, green, and wine, and can be pre-ordered from the Alter ME online store. The look doesn’t come cheap, though, as it’s priced at 25,900 yen (US$236.74).

While the swimwear is designed to be worn at the beach or in the pool, you can also personalise it by dressing it up with extra accessories for some sexy maid cosplay.

While we wait to see whether the pumpkin pant trend will sweep the beaches and poolsides of Japan this summer, we’ll be holding on to our underwear-censoring mini petticoats and fairy-tale swimsuits for a rainy day. After all, fashion always comes back around…doesn’t it?

Source: Net Lab
Images: Alter ME