Japanese swimsuit models celebrate Bikini Day 2018【Photos】

Annual celebration of midriff-baring swimsuits takes place just ahead of the start of prime beach weather in Japan.

After several straight days of warm but pleasantly dry weather, rain clouds swept over the Tokyo area on Thursday night. But to keep their spirits from darkening too much, those stuck inside could take sunny-mooded solace in the fact that July 5 is Bikini Day.

Commemorating the public unveiling of the two-piece beachwear garment, Bikini Day is marked with the copious sharing of swimsuit snapshots and selfies, and this year was no exception.

▼ It’s not clear if actress/model Nao Amimiya really needs an inner tube to stay afloat, or just wants to add a dash of cuteness to her photo shoot.

Some, such as TV personality and pachinko writer (yep, that’s an actual job some people in Japan have) Yuri Suzuki

…and model/former race queen Maya Sano

…focused their Bikini Day efforts into individual-photo tweets. Others, though, including Satomi Nihihori

Ayaka Ozaki

…and Kei Inoue

…came to the conclusion that, much like a bikini has both a top and a bottom, multiple images were called for,

▼ More Bikini Day collages featuring voice-actress-turned-model Yuno Mizusawa

▼ …cosplayer Miru Hayase

▼ …and swimsuit model Hikaru Aoyama.

And just like some fans look forward to Bikini Day all year long, so too do some participants mark it on their calendars, such as regular contributors Reku Momoiro

Akira Itsuki

…and cosplayer Saku.

Even the official Twitter account for Sanrio’s lazy anthropomorphized egg Gudetama joined in.

Of course, spend too much time looking at swimsuits, and eventually everything starts to look like a bikini…

…so maybe it’s best that Bikini Day only comes once a year (though if you can’t wait 12 months until next time, a trip or two down memory lane should help tide you over).

Featured image: Twitter/@momoreku

Ninja bikini goes on sale in Japan, sacrifices stealth for sexy coolness【Photos】

Design manages to be bold and unique while still providing a surprising amount of coverage. Plus, a closer look at the shinbi spokesmodel.

Given that ninja are pretty much all about remaining unseen, blending shinobi style with swimwear, which often uses bold, attention-grabbing designs, seems like it’d be a difficult task. Apparently it’s not too difficult for the designers at Japanese fashion label Mocolle, though.

After months of anticipation, the Kunoichi Swimsuit (kunoichi being the term for female ninja) is now officially on sale. While it’s more colorful than the monochrome black outfits most commonly associated with Japan’s shadow warriors, the garment still incorporates a number of ninja nuances.

When going on dangerous missions where combat was likely, ninja wore a kind of tightly meshed chain mail, called kusarikatabira. Obviously metal armor would be impractical for a swimsuit, but the motif is carried over in mesh portions on the chest as well as a pair of upper arm bands that are included in the bikini bundle.

▼ The top is also designed to mimic the look of the layered clothing of Japan’s feudal period.

Whereas Mocolle focused on cute sexiness with its Shinto shrine maiden bikini, it says the goal of the Kunoichi Swimsuit is to tap into the inherent coolness of ninja. Eye-catching as the design is, it actually provides a fair amount of coverage, especially with its short leggings and skirt.

For those of you who’re interested not just in the Kunoichi Swimsuit, but in this particular kunoichi, serving as spokesmodel is Ryo Yamabuki, who in addition to modeling and cosplaying also plays guitar for band Elfri.

▼ Yamabuki, seen in other swimsuits…

▼ …as another ninja (video game character Mai Shiranui, to be precise)…

Instagram Photo

▼ …and on stage.

▼ Audio preview of Elfri’s first mini album, LOVE &

Like most of Mocolle’s ideas, the Kunoichi Swimsuit started out as a crowdfunding project, which, once again as usual for the company, was a smashing success. It’s now being offered for direct purchase by novelty goods store Village Vanguard through its online store, priced at 8,100 yen (US$74). Orders can be placed here, with shipping scheduled for the latter half of July.

Source: Village Vanguard via IT Media
Top image: Village Vanguard
Insert images: Village Vanguard (1, 2)

Serve up some eye candy at the beach with revealing new maid’s costume bikini from Japan

The peek-a-boo “pumpkin pants” will ensure all eyes are on you this summer.

When it comes to fun and unusual swimwear, nobody does it quite like Japan. Summers past have seen ranges dedicated to Chinese dresses, Japanese school uniforms, and even ninja shadow warriors, but this year, it’s all about the pumpkin pant from apparel brand Alter ME.

The new pant design is part of a swimsuit that pays homage to the maid, with frills, buttons, bows and brooches harking back to a bygone era. While the accessories stick to a traditional theme, some of the other features belong in a more modern environment.

The three-piece set consists of a bikini top, pants, and suspenders that attach the top to the bottoms. The bra contains inserts for a comfortable fit, while the frilly yoke around the neckline hides your cleavage for a demure look.

What really sets this swimsuit apart from anything else on the market is the pants, which have a cute pumpkin-like shape to them. While they’re covered with a frilly white apron at the front, the slit design on the sides shows off some skin, while the peek-a-boo slit on the back shows off your butt cleavage.

Japanese cosplayer @sara_orz, who designed the swimsuit and modelled in it for fans on her Twitter account, suggests wearing a pair of bikini bottoms underneath the pumpkin pants, to avoid causing chaos on the beach with your behind.

The swimsuit is available in three colours: black, green, and wine, and can be pre-ordered from the Alter ME online store. The look doesn’t come cheap, though, as it’s priced at 25,900 yen (US$236.74).

While the swimwear is designed to be worn at the beach or in the pool, you can also personalise it by dressing it up with extra accessories for some sexy maid cosplay.

While we wait to see whether the pumpkin pant trend will sweep the beaches and poolsides of Japan this summer, we’ll be holding on to our underwear-censoring mini petticoats and fairy-tale swimsuits for a rainy day. After all, fashion always comes back around…doesn’t it?

Source: Net Lab
Images: Alter ME 

Sexy fairy tale heroine swimsuits from Japan will turn the beach into fantasyland this summer

Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Alice in Wonderland are ready to hit the sand and surf.

As part of a fashion-conscious society that’s not averse to a splash of playful sexiness, Japanese swimsuit designers draw inspiration from a number of sources, such as Japanese school uniforms (both women’s and men’s), Shinto shrine maidens, and anime characters. But for its latest creations, Japanese fashion label M Kigyo (also known as Emu Project) is taking its cues from Western sources, with a trio of bikinis based on the fairy tales of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Alice in Wonderland.

The Little Red Riding Hood swimsuit bundles a hooded parka, bikini top, skirt, and bikini bottom together in a four-piece set that enables the wearer to mix and match the components for various looks.

▼ There’s also a black version, which we guess would make this Little Black Riding Hood.

Less extensive, but also less expensive, than the 23,950-yen (US$220) Little Red Riding Hood is the two-piece Alice in Wonderland set, for 19,900 yen.

This swimsuit actually provides a lot of coverage, with a blouse-like top connected to a high-wasted skirt-style bottom by a pair of overall straps with frilly shoulder accouterments, which are removable if you’re worried about getting cross-shaped tan lines on your back.

While Alice is usually depicted in storybooks and cartoons wearing blue, the suit is also offered in red and black.

Finally, the three-piece Snow White set is priced at 16,970 yen, getting you a white-colored top with a chest ribbon, removable skirt, and bikini bottom.

▼ Alternate colors this time are all-navy and sky blue.

If you’re finding yourself drawn to components from different sets, most of the bundled items can also be purchased separately, as can M Kigyo’s swimsuit cover overalls.

All items can be ordered here directly from M Kigyo, with delivery scheduled for mid-July, right as Japan comes out of its rainy season and prime beach weather begins.

Source: M Kigyo via IT Media
Top image: M Kigyo
Insert images: M Kigyo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Beautiful Japanese bikini model is also the descendant of 7th century diplomat

Miss Magazine contest finalist can thank famous DNA for contributing to her good looks.

In 607, Japan dispatched a diplomatic mission to China’s Sui Dynasty court. Although this preceded the period of official enforced isolation of Japan’s Edo period, Japan’s island nation status meant it still had little contact with other nations, and Japanese diplomat Ono no Imoko was chosen for the important role of head envoy, an honor which was bestowed upon him again when yet another mission was sent to China in 609.

▼ While Ono no Imoko is long deceased, his name, and likeness, are used by a Japanese Twitter account.

Given the highly stylized nature of Ono no Imoko’s portrait, it’s hard to judge whether he was considered handsome or not. However, apparently his DNA has the makings for an attractive appearance, because one of his descendants is a finalist for one of Japan’s most coveted bikini modeling awards.

For 2018, publisher Kodansha is bringing back its Miss Magazine contest, ending a seven-year hiatus for what was, until 2011, an annual competition. A cross-promotion with the company’s Young Magazine and Weekly Shonen Magazine manga anthologies, Miss Magazine has narrowed its field down to 16 contestants, one of whom is the above-pictured Sarina Enoki.

The 21-year-old Tokyoite lists her hobbies as basketball, badminton, and swimming, but the most surprising part of her profile is the tidbit that Ono no Imoko is one of her ancestors. “I hope I can have good new for him,” Enoki says of her aspirations of winning.

▼ Enoki (seated in the middle of the front row) and the rest of the Miss Magazine finalists

Other famous descendants of Ono no Imoko include 9th century poets Ono no Komachi and Ono no Takamura, and also 10th century calligrapher Ono no Michikaze. Enoki has also displayed a talent for the arts, starring as a samurai’s daughter in short film Otome Sakura, for which she won the category’s best actress award at the 2017 Monaco International Film Festival for nonviolent films.

▼ English-subtitled trailer for Otome Sakura

Enoki was also cast in a supporting role for the live-action film adaptation of anime/manga Marmalade Boy.

The final stage of the Miss Magazine selection process relies on ballots cast by readers of Kodansha’s magazines between now and the end of June, with the final results being announced in mid-July. And remember, if you’re looking to place a vote for Enoki, but feel self-conscious buying an issue of Shonen Magazine to make your voice heard for a bikini contest, you can always say you’re just buying it to read the romantic comedy series.

Related: Miss Magazine official website
Source: Model Press via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Miss Magazine official website
Insert images: Twitter/@_imokono, Miss Magazine official website

Virtual pantie flash part of Japan’s new schoolgirl-inspired swimsuit’s sailor style【Photos】

Makers of the sailor bikini are back to prove one-piece swimwear can still be daringly sexy.

Last summer, Japanese fashion label No. S Project released a sailor suit bikini that was so popular it sold out in just two days. With beach weather on the way once again, the company’s designers have unveiled their latest creation for frolicking in the surf and on the sand, and while it’s once again a sailor suit-inspired swimsuit, it’s eye-catching in all-new ways.

In contrast to last year’s separate top and bottom, the new swimsuit is a one-piece design…sort of. While it’s officially called the Sailor Beachwear One-piece, the complete set actually consists of two garments: the dress-like outer layer (which can be worn while swimming) and a string bikini bottom to be worn underneath.

Combined with the short hem of the dress, the separate bikini bottom creates a bit of virtual pantie flash appeal, heightened by the striped pattern of the bottom, mimicking a popular print for young women’s undergarments in Japan.

Around back, No. S Project’s designers have done even more to dispel the musty image of a one-piece bathing suit, with plenty of exposed skin on the upper and lower back, even as the schoolgirl uniform-like collar provides greater-than-average coverage of the shoulders. The dress is form-fitting and flares femininely at the waist, providing the same sort of visual slimming as No. S Project employs in its line of skirts and dresses which provide the look of an anime heroine’s physique.

Two different color options are available: a two-tone with white chest ribbon, and a black dress with red ribbon.

▼ Both come with the same bottom.

Pre-orders are currently being taken here on No. S Project’s website, where the Sailor Beachwear One-piece is priced at 17,820 yen (US$165). Delivery is scheduled for late June, coinciding with the end of Japan’s rainy season and the beginning of beachgoing conditions.

Source: No. S Project via IT Media
Images: No. S Project

Cosplay as a sexy shadow warrior with the new Ninja Bikini from Japan

One of Japan’s top cosplayers introduces us to the hidden wonders of the two-piece bathing suit.

Japanese company Mocolle, which takes its name from the words mousou (“fantasy” or “delusion” in Japanese) and “collection”, has been proudly living up to its moniker over the years, making all our fantasies a reality with crowd-pleasers like kimono-style roomwear and shrine maiden swimsuits.

Now the company is taking its design cues from another chapter of Japan’s fashionable history, this time with the Kunoichi Mizugi, or Female Ninja Bathing Suit.

Ninja costumes have been known to typically cover most of the body, to help stealth assassins blend into the shadows during their secret missions, but female ninja are often depicted in period dramas, movies, anime, and games with a lot more skin on display. Mocolle is running with this idea and turning things up a notch with this new five-piece set, modelled for the company by popular Japanese cosplayer Ryo Yamabuki.

The bikini top is styled on the crossover-style top worn by traditional ninja, with multiple colours on the neck area creating the appearance of a multi-layered top.

The mesh insert offers some coverage over the deep plunging neckline, while adding a chain mail element to the design.

▼ Ninja-esque armbands get a mesh makeover to match the top of the bathing suit.

The bikini bottoms feature short leggings with a skirt, using the same red, blue and black colour scheme. The skirt comes with a high slit for ease of movement while swimming. After all, not all shinobi can walk on water.

The pretty ribbon ties on the back of the halter-neck bikini top will help cover up your identity as a ninja without covering up your skin.

Mocolle is currently working to raise funds to produce the ninja bikini commercially, with a crowdfunding campaign on Campfire. Considering the overwhelming popularity of their past crowdfunding missions, the Ninja Bikini looks set to follow in the successful footsteps of their past garments, especially since they’re offering it at a 15-percent discount, for 6,885 yen (US$60.41), to a limited number of supporters.

To help support the campaign, head over to the official campaign page here, and to see more of the Japanese cosplayer, who’s also a guitarist in a rock band, give her a follow on Twitter or Instagram. With her many talents, she might be the next cosplayer to create her own collaborative design with the brand, like Senki did with her eye-popping bunny lingerie!

Source: Campfire/mocolle via Net Lab
Images: Campfire/mocolle