Shattered glass in Universal Studios Japan shows how much the theme park values safety

Entertainment may be the theme park’s core, but safety is of utmost importance.

The recent powerful earthquake in Osaka affected an extensive area of Japan, bursting water pipes, cracking roads and delaying train lines. Universal Studios Japan (USJ) was drastically affected too, due to its location near the epicenter, and a previous tweet of a ticket booth with glass smashed into smithereens shocked everyone with the severity of the quake.

“Universal Studios Japan. The glass shattered.”

But it turns out there’s more to the story, as explained by @harulob (translation below).

“The shattered USJ booth glass has become a hot topic, but it’s designed so that employees who can’t open the door won’t end up getting trapped in there. Once a certain level of pressure is applied, it will break.”

That explains the evenly crumbled glass, allowing whoever’s trapped in there to escape unharmed instead of having to deal with razor-sharp glass. It seemed then that USJ spared no expense in ensuring the safety of both customers and employees by using tempered glass, a more expensive and sturdier type of glass that crumbles into small harmless chunks. Cheaper glass would result in dangerous cracks forming, possibly cutting evacuees with jagged edges.

▼ Costing up to twice the price of normal glass, tempered glass is also used
as movie props in action scenes. Perfect for a place like USJ.

Although the Osaka earthquake hit at 7:58 a.m. while the theme park was still closed, things would have turned out very bloody if it had struck one hour later at a venue that used standard glass.

Japanese netizens were glad no one was hurt:

“That type of glass is a special one that will break into smaller pieces, isn’t it? You won’t get injured even if it hits you.”

“It’s reassuring to know that it’s equipped with earthquake safety measures.”

“That’s like the windscreen glass on cars. It’s designed to break into round bits to prevent injuries.”

Some establishments may skimp on building costs by using cheaper material, but USJ knows such shortcuts would inevitably cost lives in the long run, particularly in a disaster-prone country like Japan. It might be a theme park at heart, but we’re glad they’re dead serious when it comes to safety.

Sources: Twitter/@Oh20wSz, Twitter/@harulob via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@harulob

Simple wrist test shows whether your body type is that of a model, athlete, or sumo wrestler

Grab your wrist and find out what kind of body frame you have.

Some people can stuff themselves full of snacks without any repercussions, while others seem to gain weight without so much as batting an eyelid, making achieving that vaunted “Cinderella weight” a distant dream.

Perhaps it has something to do with our body types, as some tend to remain skinny while others possess extra fat by default. According to Japanese user @KMarisa0606, determining just what kind of body you have is as simple as wrapping fingers around your wrist.

“Is this why I can’t gain body fat?”
(Translation below)

“Grip your opposite wrist using the thumb and middle finger. If you’re right-handed, use your right hand to grab your left wrist.

Ectomorph — Thumb and middle finger overlapping with ease. (Difficulty in gaining body fat and muscle)

Mesomorph — Thumb and middle finger touching each other. (Loses body fat easily and gains muscle quickly)

Endomorph — Thumb and middle finger doesn’t come into contact. (Gains both body fat and muscle easily)

This is just an impression, but ectomorphs have the bodies of full marathon runners or models, mesomorphs gymnasts or athletes, and endomorphs professional wrestlers or sumo wrestlers.”

While the names may sound like aliens out of a sci-fi horror movie, it turns out @KMarisa0606’s method does have a scientific basis. The concept of such body types — known as somatotypes — was first introduced in the 1940s by Dr. William H. Sheldon, whose assistant went on to develop a more robust system that’s still used to evaluate athletes today.

The theory is that calculating the wrist’s circumference in relation to height determines what kind of body frame one has. But since most people have a combination of the three body types, wrist measurements provide a rough estimate at best. Still, it’s a quick way to find out why some people have trouble shaving their weight.

▼ “If only I knew about the wrist test earlier.
At least it’s never too late to become a sumo wrestler!”

Japanese netizens were eager to share their findings, though some remain skeptical:

“I see. So that’s why I can never seem to gain weight even after eating so much.”
“This is great! Except… only my arm is like a model’s and nothing else!”
“So this is based on the length of our fingers?”
“Mine overlaps easily, but I’m so fat.”
“Nice! Mine’s like an athlete!”

So which body type are you? As a mesomorph myself, I found the wrist test to be somewhat accurate as I don’t seem to have trouble managing my weight. But regardless of which somatotype we all are, a bit of convenience store dieting to improve our lifestyle never hurts.

Source: Twitter/@KMarisa0606 via Hachima Kiko, mPort, Caliber
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Fighting game Jump Force pits heroes from Shonen Jump in a crossover brawl of epic proportions

The fighting game of dreams is here with an all-star roster featuring iconic characters from Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball.

Whether it’s Bleach or Hunter X Hunter, manga magazine Shonen Jump boasts an impressive lineup of series with the most action-packed scenes that have left readers thirsting for more.

And when fighting game Jump Force was unveiled this year at video game convention E3, it promised an experience fans would never forget. After all, it was an epic fighting crossover crammed with legendary heroes and villains from Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball.

▼ The awesome reveal trailer floored us.

▼ Here’s actual gameplay footage of Goku, Luffy, Naruto, Zoro and Sasuke.

Never before has there been a roster as awesome as this, with characters who fire crackling balls of energy, summon a monstrous nine-tailed fox, and pummel adversaries with stretchy limbs.

As heroes and villains slug it out in beautifully-crafted arenas, characters can be ejected out of one battlefield and into the next when hit by particularly strong attacks.

▼ It sure feels good to smash Frieza’s face in with Six Paths Sage Mode Naruto.

▼ Although sometimes it’s so flashy that you can’t see what’s happening.

Jump Force is still in early development, and hopefully any problems can be ironed out before its scheduled release next year.

The entire roster also hasn’t been announced yet, but judging from the end of the reveal trailer, perhaps fans can look forward to Light Yagami from Death Note joining the fray. Throw in characters from other Shonen Jump heavyweight series like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Bleach, Rurouni Kenshin or Gintama and it’ll be a fighting game like none other.

Source: YouTube/Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe via Otakomu
Images: YouTube/Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe

Newest virtual YouTuber blows her competition out of the water with high-quality intro【Video】

It’s like watching an awesome CGI movie.

Virtual YouTubers have been appearing at an unprecedented rate on the Japanese Internet, and though few come close to the popularity of Kizuna Ai, some newcomers seem to have the potential to topple the queen.

One such anime girl personality is Flavie. She might be late to the virtual YouTuber party, but this elegant blue-eyed girl has something that many of her peers lack: an extremely high-quality first video.

With a cute protagonist, smooth animation, an idyllic environment, and background music, one might even mistake it for a CGI trailer of an epic role-playing game.

▼ Take a look and see for yourself.

The video starts off with Flavie narrating about herself living in an ultimate utopia, where even the concept of time does not exist. A mysterious bunny-like creature with a ribbon then appears and chastens her for slacking off.

“Please do your job. If you don’t, this world will disappear.”

It seems Flavie is tasked with gleaning information from other worlds in order to maintain this paradise, a job that she constantly shies away from.

“I don’t want to work!”

After a heated exchange, the bunny sends Flavie off to Osaka’s Namba Station. There, she stumbles into a bar and attempts to order the longest Starbucks order possible: Venti double shot hazelnut vanilla almond caramel chocolate chip cream frappuccino with caramel and mocha sauce and extra whipped cream.

▼ Except that the bar wasn’t Starbucks of course.

Although the video ends shortly after that, Japanese netizens were floored by Flavie’s first video:

“An awesome virtual YouTuber has appeared again!”
“The quality is so high and her voice is beautiful.”
“What’s with this quality? It’s terrific! Is she really from another world?”
“Wow! I’ll be rooting for her.”
“Fantastic! I thought I was watching a movie.”

Virtual YouTuber videos tend to be a one-man effort, and if that’s the case for Flavie, it truly is an impressive feat. Between top quality episodes from her and cute virtual idols able to speak fluent English, fans of such personalities have a lot to choose from.

Source: YouTube/VN Flavie via Otapol
Images: YouTube/VN Flavie

Japanese eight-year-old drummer prodigy wows Internet with amazing Led Zeppelin cover【Video】

This elementary schooler is already making headlines as the next Yoshiki.

When news of drumming sensation 17-year-old Senri Kawaguchi surfaced on the Internet a few years ago, we couldn’t believe how such a young girl could be so lightning fast with her hands.

Now, another drumming prodigy by the name of Yoyoka Soma has taken the Internet by storm with a flurry of high-velocity poundings. What’s astounding is that she’s an eight-year-old elementary student who’s already done full covers of Led Zeppelin rock songs while other children are still learning basic mathematics.

▼ Watch Yoyoka’s perfect cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times Bad Times”.

▼ Her face lighting up is the best thing we’ve seen all week.

At the age of two, when children were playing with toys, Yoyoka was already rocking the drums, eventually forming a family band with her parents who were musicians too. With close to a hundred live performances at events under her belt, not to mention a third CD released in May, the future is looking bright for the little drummer.

▼ She also played Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” at seven years old.

Hoping to let the world watch her grow, her parents submitted a video of Yoyoka playing “Good Times Bad Times” to women-only percussion contest Hit Like A Girl, and though she only won a weekly award, the young drummer won over the hearts of countless viewers on Vimeo.

▼ We can’t help but smile along with her.

Her unbridled joy and solid chops caught the attention of music magazine Rolling Stone, BBC, and American entertainment magazine Billboard. So viral was her audition video that it even reached Chad Smith, the drummer of rock band Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

▼ That’s a personal stamp of approval if we ever saw one.

Although there are already a few young drummers out there, it’s Yoyoka’s sunshine smile that makes her truly unique, as watching her happily go at it is such a joy in itself. At the rate she’s going, there’s no telling just how far she can go. Watch out Yoshiki, this little drummer’s hot on your heels!

Source: YouTube/Kaneaiyoyoka, Vimeo via Rolling Stone, BBC, Billboard, Hit Like A Girl
Images: YouTube/Kaneaiyoyoka

Awesome cardboard Darth Vader costume lets you become an eco-friendly Jedi villain【Video】

May the Box be with you.

When Japanese stationery company Showa Note introduced its line of wearable cardboard costumes, their cool-looking samurai armor promised endless fun for kids and adults alike.

But ever since the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on the epic space opera’s 40th anniversary, the company has received numerous requests from fans to expand the existing cardboard series. And with Solo: A Star Wars Story releasing soon in Japan on June 29, Showa Note responded by adding the jet black armor of Darth Vader to its cardboard costume lineup.

▼ Make your very own Jedi villain costume and wield the Force with impunity.

Like all wearable cardboard costume kits created by the company, the Darth Vader getup can be easily assembled straight out of the box without the need for extra tools.

Whether it’s the easy-to-pop-out perforated cardboard parts or the imprinted numbers indicating which things go where, everything about the kit is child-friendly. Even the wave-like edges of the parts cushion impact against skin, reducing the likelihood of children cutting themselves.

Since the Darth Vader costume comes pre-painted, aspiring Jedi Masters can direct all their attention on creating their garb instead of cleaning up messy paint spills. Made from more than 90 percent recycled corrugated cardboard, the armor is both light and easy to handle.

▼ Eco-friendly Darth Vader, ready to go.

Although a Chewbacca cardboard costume seems unlikely for now, C-3PO and his trusty buddy R2-D2 would make awesome additions, not to mention feared bounty hunter Boba Fett.

The Darth Vader cardboard getup costs 3,980 yen (US$36.12) and is scheduled to be released in fall this year, making it a great gift for kids or a fantastic cosplay option when Halloween comes around.

Source: Showa Note, YouTube/Oyakotori via Value Press
Top image: YouTube/Oyakotori
Insert image: Showa Note

Japanese NASA engineer discovers letter from 2085, makes contact with time traveler

Could this letter from 67 years in the future be the real thing?

Handwritten letters have a certain kind of fascinating charm to them, and receiving one does wonders to one’s spirits, even if it’s from yourself from a not-too-distant past.

But the reverse has happened to a NASA jet propulsion laboratory systems engineer recently when he explored a quiet section of a university library. Walking past some disused library card cabinets, an unexplainable urge prompted him to pull open a random drawer.

▼ Among all the drawers there, the first one he opened
contained a handwritten piece of paper. (Translation below)

“At a university library, I opened the drawer to a card catalog that isn’t being used anymore. I just decided to open one up, and there was this piece of paper inside that read: ‘If you are reading this, it is proof time travel exists. 4/4/2085.’ It’s a letter from April 4, 2085. This feels like the beginning of a movie.”

The engineer was stunned. Not only was there a note hidden in the first drawer he opened, it came from 67 years in the future, meant for his eyes alone. Could it be that the library card cabinets contained other messages from other timelines?

He wasn’t about to rummage through what must have been hundreds of drawers like a madman, and since there was a phone number scribbled onto the note anyway, he felt compelled to contact the sender.

“I sent a text to the telephone number and got this reply. This is amazing!” 

Despite several attempts at coaxing more information out of the visitor from the future, that cryptic reply was the only one the engineer received.

Disappointed there was no further response from the sender even on the following day, he drove to work as usual. Before long, he noticed a DeLorean DMC-12 like the one featured in time traveling movie hit Back to the Future cruising ahead of him, sporting a license plate with the words “80s”.

▼ 2080s? Great Scott! So that time traveler had been watching him all along!

Japanese netizens were thrilled about the entire episode:

“That’s iMessage, so that’s gotta be an Apple product. Might be an iPhone 50. I wonder what it looks like? Does it even have a shape?”
“This is so intriguing.”
“That’s John Titor (a man who claimed to be a time traveler in early 2000s).”
“Wow! The sender must have been elated. What’s more, the recipient is a NASA engineer! The sender could be someone in NASA too.”

Perhaps the sender was indeed someone from the far future, traveling through a mysterious time tunnel like the one in China to deliver an urgent message to the NASA engineer. Or maybe it was all a harmless joke. But whatever it was, it sure brightened up everyone’s day.

Source: Twitter/notactor via Hamsoku
Featured image: Twitter/notactor
Insert image: Pakutaso